Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Pancake Sunday and Textbook Flirting

Mary tries to build rapport with her family at the beginning of Young Sheldon episode 10, so she decides to start a Sunday pancake tradition on that day itself. When she invites George Sr to join the family for breakfast and mentions the pancake Sunday idea, he tends to decline, bringing up his prior commitment to have tea with his friend Wayne.

Mary then informs Missy of the same and invites her to have breakfast with the family. Missy, on the other hand, has other plans and passes on having breakfast. When Mary tells Sheldon about the Pancake Sunday tradition and invites him to breakfast, he tells her that it’s Kellogg’s Bran Buds Sunday and initially refuses to change his breakfast because he struggles with change. Furthermore, when Mary informs him that she will make Bran Buds pancakes for him, he agrees. However, he dislikes the pancakes and discards them.

To spend a little quality time with her mom, Mary visits her. The fact that Dale, who Meemaw is seeing opens the front door, surprises her. Things don’t turn out the way Mary had hoped when she tries to play the third wheel.

Georgie Jr receives advances from a young woman. Mandy consequently encourages him to go out with the girl or anyone he wants. Even though they are no longer in a relationship, Georgie still deeply cares about her and his child, so he refuses to accept this. Mandy persuades him nonetheless to go out on a date with the girl, and he finally caves.

Mary complains to George Sr about how her Sundays are empty without the church. She goes on to say that the community kept her occupied, but now that she’s no longer a part of it, she’s bored. Following that, George advises her to look for a new community.

The girl who previously flirted with George Jr returns to the video store. She requests another recommendation from him, and George asks her out on a date.

Mary unexpectedly pays Missy a visit at Missy’s school. Missy requests that her mother leave and promises to do whatever she wants in exchange.

George Jr seeks advice from George Sr regarding the Mandy situation. However, the situation appears to be too complicated, and George Sr is unable to help him. George Jr then asks for help from Dale. Dale tells him not to be afraid of women becoming angry because of what he chooses to do.

Mary asks Sheldon if she can sit with him while he watches Star Trek. He invites her to join him but warns her that it is addictive. Mary tries to watch the show, but she doesn’t understand or enjoy it.

George Jr and his date Amber are heading to a restaurant. They make small talk on the way, and George Jr ends up telling her about Mandy and him having a baby with her.

After Meemaw questions Mandy about George, she admits to Meemaw that she pushed George to ask Amber out on a date.

Brenda and Mary meet in a bar. Brenda reluctantly invites Mary to join her and her friends, and Mary gladly accepts. During a conversation with the ladies, Mary discovers that Brenda is involved with a married man, not realizing that it is her husband they are talking about.

At Meemaw’s house, George Jr does not return until later that night, and Mandy talks to Meemaw, expressing regret for sending him with Amber.

After returning home from the bar, Mary informs George that Brenda is having an affair with a married man. Following that, George Sr visits Brenda and confronts her about telling her friends about the two of them. Brenda lies to George, telling him that they were not discussing him and that she is involved with another man. She then instructs him to return home.

The following morning at the video store, George Jr tells Mandy that he had a good time with Amber. Following that, he thanks her for pushing him to ask her out because they have a lot in common.

The Episode Review

The episode is heavily focused on increasing tension between the two couples, Mary and George Sr alongside Mandy and George Jr. We see some friction in both relationships, but the plot’s progression is painfully slow at this point, and they’ve been showcasing a lot of unfunny, unengaging content this season, which is deeply disappointing when compared to previous seasons and, most importantly, The Big Bang Theory.

The episode concludes with George Jr thanking Mandy for pushing him to go on a date with Amber because they end up clicking and having a lot in common. We know Mandy regretted what she did the night before, and the steps Mandy’s character, in particular, appears to take seems too soap opera-like and dramatic.

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