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How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
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After five seasons and a feature film, season 6 of The X-Files picks up right where the film left off with a continuation of the show’s themes and the strange alien being that appeared in the film. Whilst season 6 is still a strong showing from all involved, it does feel like the show isn’t quite as good as it was, with less memorable episodes and a possible end on the horizon for the cast. Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) return, reprising their familiar roles and despite a slight feeling of fatigue hanging over the show, there’s still some incredibly creative and well written episodes on display.

The alien conspiracy that’s gripped the show for an incredibly long time is the main focus here, with the overarching episodes (including the massive two parter “Two Fathers/ One Son”) finally divulging some much needed answers to the questions the show has raised since it first appeared on air back in 1993. Although The X-Files still leaves a lot unanswered, continuing to shroud the show in mystery, its a nice touch that Chris Carter at least tries to give some answers – even if the result is a little convoluted.

The best episodes this year are the stand alone ones though. Although the main conspiracy is still appealing and the opening episode is tense and thrilling, its the creative genius of these episodes that really elevate this season. With a Groundhog day style episode, a well edited Bermuda Triangle trip-through-time and a body swapping experience with a high ranking Area 51 agent, season 6 is one of the most ambitious and creative since the show came on air. Its not perfect, and some of the episodes don’t quite hit or are a little too comedic but on the whole the show does a good job with these episodes.

Whilst it might not be as memorable or as engrossing as the early seasons of the show, The X-Files still manages to captivate audiences everywhere with its mix of strange, episodic cases and complicated alien conspiracy theory. Its certainly a more adventurous and ambitious show than it ever used to be and this translates to mixed results, with a combination of both good and bad episodes on display here.

Overall then, the sixth season is business as usual for the two agents. Their chemistry is again what drives the show forward but more so than before, the creative writing is a lot more ambitious and daring than before. It doesn’t always hit, with less memorable episodes than before but the show still manages to deliver an endearing experience. This season also marks an important one in the show’s history, divulging some much needed answers to some of the questions that have been raised about the conspiracy but the show’s future remains a mystery.

  • Verdict - 8/10