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Little Green Men
The Host
Duane Barry
One Breath
Red Museum
Excelsis Dei
Die Hand Die Verletzt
Fresh Bones
End Game
Fearful Symmetry
Død Kalm
The Calusari
F. Emasculata
Soft Light
Our Town


With improved writing, a deeper understanding of some of the show’s mythology and some truly memorable episodes, Season 2 of The X-Files improves upon the first season in every way. The agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) return and their relationship deepens this time around which mirrors the more complicated and engaging cases the two agents investigate.

The story follows a familiar structure to last year, with both agents tasked with investigating the “X-Files”, a series of weird, strange occurrences that can’t be explained through traditional methods. After the X-Files are closed, the agents are more isolated and alone than ever before, forced to use their wits to try and combat a shady government conspiracy before the files are re-opened again. Taking on the familiar roles of sceptic (Scully) and straight believer (Mulder), the two agents continue to clash through the episodes as they investigate the cases.

This time around the story and mythology deepens, with more episodes focusing on aliens including a tense two parter early on that revolves around Scully being kidnapped by an alien fanatic and another where clones are being developed, possibly with alien technology. On top of these tense episodes are some truly memorable “monster of the week” episodes. The writing is even more creative this time around, with episodes ranging from killer shadows, a deadly contagion outbreak in a remote forest and even one featuring an old ship in the Bermuda triangle. With more endearing episodes and a less formulaic approach to the writing, the second season of The X-Files has some truly memorable episodes and a better flow to it.

Its not perfect, and despite some more episodes exploring the possibility of aliens being among us there’s still a big mystery hanging over the show. The unresolved conspiracy may leave some people frustrated at the lack of answers. The supporting cast return with their familiar roles in the FBI and the shadows and as before, with 25 episodes there’s a lot of material to get through here. Not all the episodes are great, with a few that are less memorable but thankfully, there aren’t as many this time around compared to last year.

Overall then, the second season of The X-Files boasts a solid season of paranormal science fiction drama. The two agents are engaging to watch, with great chemistry throughout and the more immediate focus on some of the main plots thread through the episodes is a much needed change from the first season. The truth is most certainly out there and based on this showing, its worth jumping on board and seeing just how deep the conspiracy goes.

  • Verdict - 8.5/10