Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 9 “Paths Part 1” Recap & Review

The Fight Before The Fight

Episode 9 of Wu Assassins begins in Croatia in the middle of the night with a man and a woman playing poker in a castle. Not happy to lose, the woman, who we see is the water Wu, kills the man using her water powers.

In San Francisco Zan meets with Uncle Six and catches him up on what has happened in the police station. She tells him that McCullough wants Kai to do everything he tells him to. Kai receives a call from McCullough soon after who tells him to bring the Wu Xing. He is then transported to the realm where he meets one of the monks. He tells him that he has to stop McCullough because he is corrupting the Dao.

After McCullough visits Jenny, asking her to convince Kai to relinquish the Earth Wu, he meets with the Water Wu who brings him a relic from the underworld. CG manages to fight back the metal Wu because he is unable to completely control her as she is anaemic and therefore doesn’t have enough iron in her. Meanwhile, Uncle Six tries to gather his Triad’s men. However, Zan arrives and shoots him in the leg.

Kai and Lu Xin make their way to where McCullough is holding their friends hostage. After fighting each guard one by one, Jen comes out and tells them that McCullough is not there and if they don’t bring him the Earth Xing, he will kill Tommy. While we see McCullough getting ready for a ritual using the stone given to him by the water Wu, Kai and Lu Xin receives a video call from Zan who shoots Uncle Six in the head.

The penultimate episode of Wu Assassins ends on a shocking twist with Uncle Six shot dead by Zan. It’s certainly an unexpected note and it’ll be interesting to see how Kai will react and whether he will let his anger get the better of him. It’s also worth noting too the clever use of anaemia here too, with genuine science coming into play, which is certainly a welcome sight.

With all the Wu’s finally present, the big showdown is just around the corner but whether the series will end on cliffhanger ready for a second season or not remains to be seen.


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