Wu Assassins – Season 1 Episode 8 “Ladies’ Night” Recap & Review

Triple Threat Match

Episode 8 of Wu Assassins begins with Zan purposefully walking into the police station where she starts killing people.We then cut back to various characters’ point of views until they each converge to the present time in the police station.

One hour before, Captain Fletcher gets a visit from his wife telling him that she is leaving. Three hours before that, it’s Tommy that we see getting arrested. They found a gun with his fingerprints, used for the murder of six people including the Triad gang members. However, he denies knowing anything but tells Fletcher something big is coming.

We then to switch to CG’s point of view, 12 hours before that scene, where she’s purposefully arrested in a bid to have a safe place for the Wu Xing. It’s then Jenny’s turn; three hours ago, she receives a call from Tommy explaining that he is getting arrested. She arrives at the station with a lawyer.

Nine hours ago, the metal Wu meets with McCullough and he wants her to go and find the Fire Xing. She then heads to the police station where she switches bodies and possesses Inspector Riley instead. She decides to go into the electrical room where she subsequently disrupts the electricity. We then cut back to the present with Zan making her way into the station, killing everyone in her path.

Inspector Riley (as metal Wu) releases CG but she quickly realizes who she is so she uses a taser to neutralize the metal Wu. CG then comes face to face with Zan and just as she is about to lose the fight, Jen arrives and a fight ensues between all three women, where they finally manage to defeat Zan.

As they are about to leave the station, Jen and CG come across McCullough and Zan who have Tommy in their grasp; they want the fire Xing in exchange for Tommy. Jen takes the fire Xing and the power absorbs inside her, making her the new fire Wu. The metal Wu, now in the form of Captain Fletcher, arrives as well. McCullough then order the metal Wu to possess CG instead where we leave the episode.

Despite the absence of Kai for most of the run-time, the interesting idea to switch perspectives throughout the episode offers enough originality that it’s easy to look past this. Seeing everyone’s point of view converging into the one final showdown at the end is really enjoyable and although it has been done before, it’s skillfully handled here.

With just two episodes left, Wu Assassins has been building up to the final pretty well, with some nice surprises dotted in along the way. It certainly promises to be an action-packed last episode but whether it’ll deliver this remains to be seen.


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