Women At War – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Geneviève’s last prayers are performed at the beginning of Women at War episode 7. Agnes kneels next to her remains and pleads to the Lord, to grant her the peace she deserves. The other three sisters are instructed to stop praying after Father Vautrin attempts to interfere. Then, Geneviève’s remains are transferred to the mass grave since she committed suicide.

Caroline gets ready to leave with Madeleine the following morning. Caroline is ordered to leave the home alone because Eleonore won’t let her take Madeleine with her. Caroline chooses to stay alongside the other ambulance-driving women temporarily.

The information that Colin, as well as five other men, have been imprisoned for disobeying orders reaches Marguerite after she reaches the quarters. Previously, Colin had assisted the troops in escaping and had attacked General Delille for having murdered the troops who had chosen not to engage in combat. Delille then contacted General Duvernet to complain about the incident.

As a consequence, the military men are about to face the death penalty in accordance with Article 238 of the law. Although visitors are not permitted in the General’s office, Marguerite slips inside anyway and manages to contact the General. Marguerite makes the decision to speak with the General face-to-face. Declaring Colin to be her son, Marguerite asks the General to save Colin.

Delille fabricates the entire course of events and places the sole blame on Colin. In actuality, Delille shot three army men to frighten them into moving forward. Colin then took the other members of the squad out of the area because the gas blast had already killed the others. Delille is confronted by General Duvernet about the same after his arrival at the quarters. General Duvernet interrogates him regarding the incident, and Delille labels the three men as deserters. The General argues that Colin never moved from the position; he only refrained from shooting. As a consequence, General Duvernet blasts Delille for lying and then frees the young soldiers.

In General Duvernet’s workplace, Colin is summoned and reassigned from Lieutenant to Private. The General decides to save Colin after Marguerite’s request. General Duvernet responds to Colin’s question about the change in punishment by stating that Marguerite is responsible for stopping the execution. Colin makes the decision to cut Marguerite out of his life regardless of all of her continued efforts, and he wishes to forget her.

As soon as she enters the whorehouse, Marguerite accuses Marcel of messing up everything. In the meantime, Yvonne receives a phone call from the police precinct informing her that Andre, one of Marcel’s men, has been imprisoned for selling illegal drugs near the front lines.

As Yvonne instructs the officer to write Marguerite and Caroline’s names, Andre is prompted to alter his account of events. Additionally, Yvonne shows up at the convent and gives Juliette some drugs. She instructs Juliette to subsequently plant the drugs in Marguerite’s home.

Madeleine is sent to the Bear Cave by Charles after he decides to trick her and kill her. Although the Bear Cave seems to be Caroline’s favorite place to enjoy, she previously forbade Madeleine from going there because it was where the German soldiers were hiding. Charles convinces her that Caroline is going to be in the cave to meet her.

Eleonore is now searching everywhere for Madeleine after she sneaks out of the house. To find out where Madeleine is, Eleonore asks the factory employees to look for her. She also orders Jean to search Marguerite’s home on the assumption that Caroline must have taken away the child. Marguerite and Caroline set out to find Madeleine after learning about what happened.

Following Juliette’s placement of the drugs in Marguerite’s home, Andre delivers his testimony. Simultaneously, Eleonore presents a sheet of paper bearing one of Madeleine’s sketch as soon as Caroline enters the home. Caroline runs in its direction as soon as she realizes it is the Bear Cave. Marguerite and Caroline are spotted by some German soldiers, however, they are able to locate Madeleine and stay hidden in the cave.

A soldier sees the group inside and, fortunately, decides not to report them, saving their lives. Madeleine shortly confesses that Charles had told her that Caroline will meet her at the Bear Cave. As soon as she returns home, she quickly packs Madeleine’s clothes and informs Eleonore of Charles’ actions. As they’re about to leave, Marguerite and Caroline are arrested by the police for distributing drugs inside the army quarters.

Agnes is approached by yet another girl who tells her that Father Vautrin has also been mistreating the other sisters and trainees. Agnes calls the Diocese of Nancy as she makes her way to her room.

The focus of the narrative then shifts to Lucien. He ties Suzanne to his vehicle and waits patiently there for hours. Shortly after Karl shows up, Lucien releases Suzanne from her restraints and instructs her to escape when his daughter shows up. In addition to lying about France’s attack, Lucien withholds the new plans from the enemies.

Lucien seems to want Claudine back before he says anything. Karl accepts this condition and returns her. Karl is suddenly attacked by Lucien as he moves closer to him. With something like a hand grenade all over Karl’s neck, he continues to threaten the other men. After Suzanne gets into the vehicle with Claudine, Lucien makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect both his nation and his child.

Claudine is sent with Agnes after Suzanne safely returns to the convent. Now, Agnes tells her that Joseph was previously stabbed and discovered in Suzanne’s room. Seeing as Dr. Bruand is unqualified to handle such incidents, she hurries to the surgery room and agrees to perform the surgery herself.

While she is operating, Joseph is awake and helps her. Joseph reveals that Lucien was the one who attacked him. In the end, Suzanne breaks down and starts telling him the reality of the situation; she reveals who she is and what she did in the past.

The Episode Review

The conclusion of this episode leaves the audience with a lot of questions about the protagonists and what will happen to them. While Agnes must speak out against Father Vautrin’s harassment, Marguerite and Caroline need to figure out how to clear their names.

This episode is heavily melodramatic, perhaps even more so than the previous one. For instance, we see Suzanne operating on Joseph while he is fully conscious, and even more unbelievably, he is directing her throughout the procedure.

The incorporation of these bizarre daily soap components is rather disappointing given that the show started with very realistic and logical problems and an intriguing approach.

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