Women At War – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Eleonore rushes Charles to the convent-turned-hospital at the beginning of Women at War episode 6 after discovering that he has irreversibly damaged both of his hands using the smashing equipment.

It seems that Charles had no other means of getting away from the front lines. Charles’s paranoia led him to harm himself because he was unable to kill Caroline despite his best efforts. Charles requires surgery immediately, as Joseph discovers when he takes off the cloth covering his hands. He is taken to the surgery room by Joseph and Suzanne, where it is discovered that all of his bone fragments are damaged. They must therefore amputate him because they have no other alternative choice. Charles tries to leave the bed, but Suzanne sedates him.

Since the German army attacks them at the front lines with life-threatening chlorine gas, French soldiers are unable to keep up and one by one suffer severe injuries. The men are taken immediately to the hospital because they are throwing up blood.

General Duvernet is forced to ask Lucien for assistance in order to operate reconnaissance flights over the front lines. The General disregards Suzanne’s attempts to persuade him that Lucien isn’t fit enough to fly.

Agnes and Sister Geneviève argue as a consequence of Agnes’ attempts to reach out to her. Father Vautrin tricks Geneviève into thinking that his abuse was a heavenly act. Suzanne spots Geneviève attempting to run as she storms across the hallway.

Later, after speaking with Suzanne, Agnes makes the decision to report Father Vautrin to the Diocese. Agnes is advised by Suzanne that she is inadequately backed in her complaints about him. She goes on to say that the Diocese will accept Agnes’ account of events if Geneviève is honest with them about the entire incident.

Marcel shows up unexpectedly away at the quarters and drags Colin aside from the barracks because he needs to share some sensitive information. Marcel uncovers the truth that Marguerite is his mom and gives him the public assistance number thereafter.

General Duvernet orders a reconnaissance flight as he and Lucien analyze their strategies. Their schemes have been destroyed by the poison gas, so the general needs to learn where the German troops have stashed the gas.

Joseph tries to talk to Suzanne when he returns to the convent because he thinks Lucien is abusive and he wants to protect her from him.

Geneviève’s recent three-month pregnancy is discovered by Agnes. Father Vautrin has been monitoring Agnes’ moves inside the convent. Agnes alerts Geneviève about the situation and tells her to keep the information from Father Vautrin.

Charles’ removal from the Ministry is revealed to Eleonore. Charles says that he was fired over a year ago. Naturally, his brother’s passing makes him the company’s owner, and now that Charles is taking over, all employees are unhappy. For Madeleine’s sake, Eleonore is unable to do what she wants to do—remove Caroline from the family.

Marguerite learns that Colin is aware of who she is. Colin is unable to forgive her when she hurries to the military quarters to talk to him. Marguerite tells him the truth about herself. She continues by telling him that she had Colin at the young age of seventeen after falling in love with a man. Marguerite’s father left her because she embarrassed the family by getting pregnant. Marguerite decided to start working as a prostitute in order to save her son. She traded her body for Colin’s basic necessities and the lifestyle he deserved. Furthermore, to allow Colin the opportunity to live his life, Marguerite had to abandon him.

Marguerite tells Colin that she continued to follow Colin for four years after receiving his location from the welfare office. Marguerite confesses that she didn’t wish for Colin to know about her and that she only wanted to make his acquaintance. Despite her best efforts, Colin doesn’t want her around. Following that, Marguerite is pressured to leave the military area.

The next day, in an effort to lighten the mood, the ambulance staff invite Caroline to a party at their new house. The ladies can stay in this house owing to General Duvernet. When talking about Colin, Marguerite informs Caroline that Colin will never pardon her. Caroline, therefore, advises Marguerite to consider giving him some space. Juliette witnesses a kiss between Marguerite and Caroline, which happens in the heat of the moment.

The following evening, Juliette shows up at the whorehouse and tells Marcel about the kissing encounter. In a fit of pettiness, he then tells Charles does the same. Charles seizes the opportunity to tell Eleonore all the details of Caroline’s past when she returns home. Eleonore removes Caroline from the home after Charles alleges that she betrayed Victor’s trust by having an affair with Marguerite.

Lucien successfully betrays the French soldiers, and he discloses their entire strategy to Karl, a German officer. General Duvernet intended to target their gas supply, but the German soldiers target General Duvernet’s troops instead, and many soldiers are killed in the process.

Father Vautrin continues to follow Geneviève around the convent, seeing as she no longer comes to see him. Geneviève tells him the truth that she is pregnant. Father Vautrin coerces Geneviève into having an abortion in an attempt to further deceive her. He attempts to convince her that giving up the child is a means of pursuing faith. This time, Geneviève ignores his advice and dashes to Agnes’ room to inform her about the situation.

When Agnes sees Father Vautrin, she confronts him about the entire situation. Agnes is repeatedly warned by him, and he makes a threat to notify the Diocese of her connection with Till. Agnes is forced to keep Genevieve’s pregnancy and Father Vautrin’s abuse confidential as a consequence. The same night, Geneviève commits suicide in the church.

The Episode Review

This episode cranked up the drama way too much at this point. The show starts off perfectly, then gets you to the edge of your seat halfway through the show. Unfortunately, towards the later part – and in this episode as well – the show misses the mark by becoming a bit too melodramatic and soap opera-esque.

For instance, when Sister Geneviève is about to commit suicide, Mother Agnes senses something is wrong and rushes to the church. These over-the-top dramatic sequences makes the show appear a bit absurd.

This episode resolves the cliffhanger from the previous episode though. Women at War clarifies Father Vautrin’s character arc and it reveals his actions as well. It will be interesting to see how this complicated situation unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

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