With Love – Season 1 Episode 3 “Valentine’s Day” Recap & Review

Valentine’s Day

Episode 3 of With Love begins with more romance, right on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Miles and Sol have been getting along well, having dated for a while now. Only, there’s a big secret between them. As Sol heads to the toilet in the morning, she notices mouthwash for kids and realizes Miles has a child. As he fumbles over his words, claiming it’s a complicated situation, Sol decides to leave.

Meanwhile, Santiago’s friends Andres and Annie, head over to the former’s apartment on Valentine’s Day to check up on him and hang. Eventually Santiago succumbs to their wishes and agrees to head out – but only if he chooses the venue.

Another couple that are still getting along well are Jorge and Henry. However, Henry wants to go for a hike while Jorge is determined to keep up old traditions and help out the family at the restaurant. Henry smiles weakly, claiming it feels like they’re dating the whole family.

Jorge’s concerns are, of course, projected onto Lily. She’s dived into doing yoga and other “single gal things” as a way of deflecting her true feelings. Even worse, she’s heading off to the reservation made for her and Michael in the past… on her own.

Jorge is worried and passes those concerns on to Nick, who inevitably messages her to check up on the woman. Jorge meanwhile, decides to arrange a romantic venture out to wine county instead of hiking. Although Henry sees this as a great step forward, the truth is Jorge has only picked out this place because Lily has gone there.

When they show up, Henry isn’t exactly happy about Jorge’s deception. More than anything else he’s annoyed at the lies and deceiving, rather than the gig itself. However, he soon gets into the spirit and decides to help out.

When Lily shows up alone, she runs into Santiago who’s obviously third wheeling with Annie and Andres. This time though they actually get to know each other properly, especially when Annie invites her along to their table.

Amusingly, Santiago and Lily actually have a fair amount in common. They also have a good deal of differences too. The pair take a walk, with Santiago admitting that he sees true love as a fantasy. Lily though wholeheartedly believes that fantasy and the pair wind up arguing about it. That’s too bad because as Lily walks away, she admits that she felt magic when they met up earlier on.

Meanwhile, Beatriz continues to grow closer to Leo. After running together they head out for coffee. While they talk, Leo reveals that he really likes someone… called Linda. Beatriz is obviously disappointed but she still has Jorge Sr, who gives her a rose and wishes her a Happy Valentines that night.

Now, the reality here is that Linda is actually Beatriz, and Leo shows up at a restaurant with a lot of roses and a big romantic gesture. Only… Jorge Sr. is there to see it all take place. It’s incredibly awkward, especially when the truth is revealed. Uh oh!

Elsewhere, Miles and Sol head out for dinner with Marta and Luis. It turns out Miles’s child, Charlie, is gender expansive and the Catholic church they attend didn’t exactly take kindly to that. So naturally, Miles stepped in. Any religion that doesn’t accept his child is not a religion for him. Miles didn’t say anything to Sol sooner because he didn’t want her thinking he was using her to get closer to Charlie.

Back at the resort, Nick shows up at Lily’s door with a really romantic gesture, including flowers and some bad jokes. Lily invites him in and the pair wind up kissing. At the same time, Jorge and Henry convince one of the maids to open up their room…and awkwardness inevitably ensues.

As Lily admits that their secret affair meant nothing, Nick is crushed. For him it did mean something; he really does care about her. Alone, Lily apologizes and although they’re going to stay friends, she also tells Nick he’s the best sex she’s ever had, so that at least helps.

As the episode closes out, Lily leaves the hotel room for Henry and Jorge. Lily meanwhile, ends up at Burgersville, the place she spoke to Santiago about earlier in the episode. And as she shows up, who should be there? Yep, Santiago himself!

The Episode Review

Fate has a funny way of throwing two people together. The romance between Santiago and Lily is well and truly on now and there’s some really solid work done to throw these two together with the proverbial magic Lily mentioned before. They have some decent chemistry together and it’ll be interesting to see where this goes over the final two episodes.

Meanwhile, things between Beatriz and Jorge Sr. take an awful turn as Leo shows up with a bouquet of roses. It’s so awkward to watch but at the same time, this episode was a perfect chance for Beatriz to actually open up and admit why she’s been feeling so unloved. She hasn’t done it though, dragging out these ill feelings between the pair.

Predictably, Nick and Lily don’t work out, which leads to some hurt feelings at the end. Lily’s words are pretty harsh in truth, but hopefully these two will stay friends for the final two episodes of the season.

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