With Love – Season 1 Episode 2 “New Years Eve” Recap & Review

New Years Eve

Episode 2 of With Love begins with S.E.X. Yep, that’s right, Lily is still hooking up with Nick. However, they’ve been keeping it quiet from Jorge and the others. At the door, Jorge makes a hilarious joke about Lily’s underwear, as Lily escapes out the window to get ready for brunch, where both Henry and Nick will be attending.

Now, although Jorge has introduced Henry to their whole family, Jorge hasn’t actually met Henry’s family yet. For now, they head for brunch but this looks like it’s going to be a big talking point going forward.

Meanwhile, Beatriz decides to join the running club to get a head-start on her fitness kick. In the park, she gets talking to a guy called Leo, whom she winds up running with. She ends up opening up about her life, admitting that time has just slipped by and she always believed she’d go back and finish her degree. Well, there’s still time Beatriz! You’re never too old to do that!

Anyway, Leo is really encouraging and helps make her feel better. Interestingly, he also messages her later on with a cheeky flirtatious message about giving her CPR if she’s short of breath. Beatriz though, is unsure how to respond.

Elsewhere, Sol prepares for her upcoming date with Dr Miles. After receiving some solid (and ever-so-slightly harsh) fashion advice from her friends, she readies herself for a magical evening. Only, the pair have a hectic life at hospital and unfortunately duty calls. It also means that they need to rearrange their date while both working that night.

Meanwhile, we catch up with Santiago who’s still trying to find the right woman. He does have an opportunity to hook up with a very interested woman called Emily but he’s not so sure. He doesn’t want hollow sex. He wants it to mean something and he doesn’t feel that connection with her. Still, his dad convinces him to head out and make a go of it

At the New Years Eve party, Lily meets a guy called Taylor whom Gladys invites along. When Gladys questions whether Lily may be into Nick, she makes a big scene and invites him along to another party later in the night. Of course, Nick happens to be listening from afar.

Well, they show up at Daphne and Emily’s party, where Henry happens to be with them. Now, as Jorge is introduced as a friend rather than a boyfriend, he’s fuming. Lily decides to bring some drinks from the bar where she runs into Santiago. Fate has a funny way of bringing two people together and although it’s just a bit of light banter, it’s enough to sow the seeds of what could be in the upcoming episodes.

For now they continue to proverbially dance around the outside of the party, not really bumping into one another as drama continues to unfold. Henry and Jorge have a big falling out while Lily serves as a wing-woman for Nick, helping him hook up with a random girl who’s ready to mingle. Lily meanwhile is left with Taylor, who shows up at the party. Only, he immediately shows a picture of his dick to Lily. What an absolute tool. Anyway, it’s incredibly satisfying when Santiago throws a punch at him when he starts getting rowdy.

Just as things look to be taking a melodramatic turn, Henry gives a big romantic gesture. He grabs the microphone, tells Jorge he loves him and begins singing. It’s really beautiful but it’s cut short by an annoyed Daphne who just wants to get to midnight.

It’s pretty funny and as we count down to the big moment, Lily looks around and finds numerous couples kissing. She’s clearly missing out on that but as Nick deliberates over whether to message Lily from the taxi or not, he thinks better of it.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Dr Miles and Sol, who finally do get to share their big kiss, as fireworks crackle and explode in the distance.

The Episode Review

Honestly now, what is it with guys sending unsuspecting women pictures of their penis? I genuinely don’t understand it but to be honest, Taylor got exactly what he deserved for that. Santiago jumping in like a white knight is the perfect way to have him storm back into Lily’s life and their random encounters across the season have been nicely worked into the narrative so far.

It would appear that these two are destined to be together but we’ll have to wait and see!

The other subplots, including Beatriz’s potential affair and Nick’s complicated emotions beyond his “no way bro!” exterior are great inclusions, as is Sol’s cute subplot involving Dr Miles. There are a lot of interesting and likable characters in this, with the big gesture from Henry toward Jorge a definite highlight of this episode in particular.

Either way, we’ve got Valentines Day up next and romance looks to be well and truly on the cards… but for who?

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