‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3 Ending Explained – The horrifying truth about Sara

What Did You Do, Sara?

Who Killed Sara finally gives us some answers to exactly what’s going on here, including Sara’s fate, what Medusa have been up to and how Reinaldo ties into all of this. With that in mind, let’s tuck in to this crazy soapy drama and unpack all the twists and turns along the way.

What is the Medusa Center? Why is Reinaldo doing all this?

Reinaldo set up the Medusa Center as a sort of hidden hospital used to treat patients. Sara was Reinaldo’s ‘Patient Zero’ with everything planned from the very start to bring her into this. Reinaldo’s end-goal was to try and find a cure for homosexuality and schizophrenia.

Reinaldo gives a big speech to a room full of investors (more on the contrivances around this later) and trying to approve it to the authorities to distribute the pills across the world. As the camera pans around to behind Reinaldo, we see everyone clapping applauding and someone filming in the background.

It’s clear at this point that Reinaldo is the ringleader in all this. He set his sights on Sara very early on, leading the Medusa Center goons to keep her safe and isolated from her brother.

In the meantime, Reinaldo helped to concoct the story that Marifer was the one who killed Sara from the parachuting accident, something she carries with her to her death. However, Sara actually survived that accident and didn’t die at the hospital after all.

At the end of the previous chapter, it was revealed that Cesar has actually kidnapped Tonya, Reinaldo’s right-hand woman. He serves her up to Alex on a plate, given she should know where Sara is being kept. Tonya taunts Alex about Sara’s true desires and what she wanted, before finally spilling some answers.

Does Marifer die?

With all this in mind, the final chapter opens with Reinaldo interviewing Sara on tape. She talks about her “regular” family and how she trusts them a lot. At the Medusa Center, she speaks fondly of Alex and how she loves him. Sara wants to leave and go far away too, creating her own happy family.

However, all of this is a front as we see an additional shot of Sara in her room, brandishing a massive knife from her sleeve. It’s also worth noting at this point that Marifer loses consciousness and dies in the Medusa Center, failing to recover from her wounds.

Does Alex find the Medusa Center?

We then jump back to Alex in the present, who’s told everything from Tonya. She reveals what Reinaldo has been up to, including Sara’s location, which he charges off to investigate, leaving Tonya tied up.

Elisa is not exactly happy, having earlier been involved in her own argument with Rodolfo about Cesar kidnapping Tonya and its moral implications. Anyway, Alex learns everything and leaves, crashing into the Medusa Center all guns blazing, killing several security guards in his way.

Inside the building, Reinaldo begins his “treatment” on Chema. The poor guy is dropped in an ice-bath and shown pornographic material. Chema pleads with Reinaldo to stop, claiming that he doesn’t have those feelings anymore. Reinaldo is a man possessed though, believing he’s doing the right thing. He brings in a woman after too, telling him he needs to have sex with her to show he’s a true man. Without getting too crude, hopping from an ice-bath and then having sex does not sound very pleasant!

Is Lucia found?

Anyway, Elisa and Rodolfo arrive at the Medusa Center to make sure Alex doesn’t kill any more people, eventually helping him cable-tie the employees. Reinaldo sets off the alarm before coming face to face with Alex, who heads down to the basement.

With a tape in hand, they make a trade-off – as Reinaldo throws over the tape confirming everything he’s done, in exchange for Alex dropping his gun. However, Alex is smart and he manages to shoot Reinaldo in the leg with a handgun he has hidden away, leaving the doctor incapacitated.

Chema leaves, wanting to find Lucia, but Alex urges him to take Elisa out. While they’re all arguing, Daniele breaks free from her cell and leaves with them. Reinaldo manages to get up and scamper off, prompting a big family reunion in the main atrium, especially with Lucia is found, safe and sound. However, one of the security guards happens to have a knife and he begins breaking his cable ties to get out.

Does Rodolfo survive the gunshot?

The security guard grabs his gun and fires. Rodolfo charges at him and gets shot in the process. Cesar appears and shoots the guard in the head. In doing so, the guard passes away as Rodolfo starts bleeding out.

Meanwhile, Alex stalks Reinaldo through the hallways, eventually leading to a big stand-off. It’s at this point where we see exactly what Tonya told Alex – and it appears to be true as well. Sara commit suicide at the Medusa Center as she couldn’t deal with the treatment, plunging that large knife we saw her stash in her sleeve, into her gut in the hallway. Blood-soaked, she passed away but Reinaldo tries to justify that to a grief-stricken Alex, claiming that she contributed to his science. Eventually Alex kills Reinaldo.

Why does Cesar take the fall for everything?

In the aftermath of all this, Cesar is arrested for killing the security guard and also admits to killing Reinaldo, covering for Alex. He takes responsibility for murdering and burying Abel Martinez 18 years back too. I mean, it doesn’t explain Alex rocking up at the Medusa Center, shooting the place up and killing two people outside – with one of the security guards actually still alive and bearing witness to all this, but whatever, let’s continue.

Cesar is found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Rodolfo dies from his wounds and Alex finally gets his answers. The rest of the family watch as he’s taken away, with Cesar telling Alex to “make my daughter happy.” So why is he doing all this? Well, it turns out he actually has pancreatic cancer and is going to die soon anyway. He used his fortune to buy himself more time but to no avail. There are some things money can’t buy. And we see that Cesar is struggling with all this, and has been for a long time now. As we cut to him in his prison cell, he sobs hysterically; a bizarre cocktail of hysteria, sadness, happiness and grief.

How does Who Killed Sara Season 3 end?

The final shot of the season shows where Tonya led Alex. It’s a grave-site with numerous crosses sticking out the ground. This is where Reinaldo buried all of his victims from the heinous crimes his team committed. Alex decides to call this in to the police, who show up and begin digging the bodies up one by one.

With Lucia by their side now too, Sara’s memory can go on through them, the surviving members of the family. As they walk away from the gravesite, where so many victims have been killed at the hands of Reinaldo, we pan across the beautiful countryside and end this series.

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara has been a wild ride over the years and the third season finally gives us the answers we were after. This final season has been a real hodgepodge of different genres and ideas, skipping back and forth between horror, fantasy, crime, mystery, soapy drama and melodramatic thriller beats, all of which leaving plenty of questions and plot contrivances in its wake.

I won’t go into them all, as we’ll be here all day, but little things like cameras rolling and recording Reinaldo’s big conference about using Sara to “cure” homosexuality leaves massive question marks. Did no one actually speak up about this? Where is the camera footage? Why are none of these men and women in the room (of which there looks to be about 100 or so) not speaking up? And if Reinaldo intended to bring this drug to mass-market, would he not need to quote his sources openly? I.e. show that Sara is still alive?

Then again, this show has been built on a number of these niggling contrivances so it’s best not to dive too deeply into this as it’s likely to topple a massively wobbly house of cards.

However, the final episode does give some closure for all of our characters, rounding out this story with Alex and the others and giving them a consistent ending. We finally unveil what happened to Sara leading up to this point, along with Medusa Center and all the other characters. It’s not perfect, and certainly the weakest of the three seasons, but at least the writers finally give us some answers!


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  5. Way too much fantasy, crime , torture etc… to be hide for such a long time. How they fake Sara death ? Don’t ever family knows what body is inside the coffer ?

  6. More questions than answers … why was Sara sleeping with Cesar? What was the mother hiding with Elroy. Definitely weak ending. They had too many twist and turns that were exciting at first but left us dissatisfied since there were no explanations.

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