Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of Who Killed Sara begins with Sara approaching Cesar and revealing that she’s pregnant. Given she never slept with Rodolfo, he tells her to leave. Sara watches helplessly as he drives off, threatening to tell Rodolfo everything.

From afar happens to be Sergio, who offers to help her out. He tells her to make herself at home in his office, which eventually sees her load up one of the videotapes in the player. There, she sees the horrific abuse that Sergio was watching at the end of the previous episode.

Chema and Lorenzo show up for their appointment at the hospital. This sees Chema and Lorenzo both needing a sperm deposit but deciding to do so in the same room so they can at least make it an act of love.

While they’re out, Clara’s ex Moncho arrives and tries to kiss her. She rejects him though and manages to throw him out. However, it’s clear this conflict is far from over.

Alex heads back home and looks over the devastation Cesar has caused in his house. At the same time, Elisa arrives at the hospital and tries to question Elroy over what happened to Flor with her death. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he mentions how Sergio is the one responsible.

Cesar meets Sofia again, who admits that she’s pregnant. Only, it seems like the child is actually Cesar’s. The don immediately tells her to get out upon hearing this news, claiming she’s useless to him pregnant.

When Cesar heads back to his office, Rodolfo is there ready to confront him. He questions his father about the women in the basement but he turns the tables. In fact, his Father outright admits that Sofia is pregnant. This brings back a lot of memories for him though, as we cut back and see Sara and Rodolfo together. On the dock, Sara told him she was pregnant but Rodolfo was actually happy about it. Embracing her, he seems genuinely happy about being a Father. This time with Sofia? Not so much.

Well, everything crescendos into a big dinner party that evening for the family where Rodolfo immediately brings up Sofia’s pregnancy. These good vibes are immediately thrown askew when Rodolfo suggests they break the news about who Elisa is sleeping with. All of this builds up to Chema and Lorenzo’s big news about their pregnancy.

Mariana and Cesar are less than enthused though. In fact, all of this blows up in the most spectacular way possible when Cesar calls Chema twisted. This is a step too far for him, as he forces all of them to get out. Just before they do, he drops the bombshell that Sofia is sleeping with Cesar. For all their talk of sin, this is the only sin in this household as Cesar lashes out and strikes his son.

The Episode Review

The Laczano family woes continue to darken as Cesar’s disgusting words and deception come back to bite him. That dinner party was inevitably going to blow up completely but seeing all this simmering tension come bubbling out is probably the most satisfying part of this entire series.

It seems like Sergio is the one pulling the strings here, manipulating Cesar into doing his bidding while keeping this human trafficking gig going on under the casino.

In the midst of all this, more home truths about Sara come out, including how she was pregnant with Cesar’s baby. This is a massive turn of events and seemingly hinting toward Sergio being the one responsible while covering it all up for Cesar.

Either way, the series sets everything up nicely for the final two episodes of the series. I’m sure we’ll be getting more damning truths in the coming episodes as Who Killed Sara moves into its final act.

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