Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 10 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Two Graves

Episode 10 of Who Killed Sara begins with that horrific tape as we cut back in time and see Sara handing it over to Marifer. She implores her best friend to keep it safe no matter what.

This tape is what led Alex to meet Marifer and get back in touch with her. Further flashbacks show that Marifer tried to phone Sara before she left on her trip to Valle, pleading with her to stay. When Sara refused, she lashed out at her friend.

While this is going on, Elroy broke the news to Mariana about Sara being pregnant. This led her to begin concocting a plan of her own, as everyone converges at the village.

Cesar greets Sergio and pours him a drink. Together, they discuss the video and how Sara is a liability. Sergio is not so sure this is a good idea but Cesar is not worried. In fact, he’s quite comfortable flying so close to the sun.

With Nicandro filming, Sara becomes spooked when she sees Cesar and Sergio approaching. Elroy’s confession leads Mariana into taking Sara away for a walk. There, she mentions the pregnancy and how they’ll have to celebrate together. Mariana leads the girl up to the top of a cliff face and right onto the edge.

After hugging together, there’s a brief moment that looks like Mariana is contemplating pushing her over the edge. Instead though, she hands over Chema’s knife to Elroy and tells him to do what he needs to do.

Back in the present, news breaks about Imara again and this time Bruno sees the news report and rushes out the room. While he does, the rest of the family gather together and discuss the implications of what happened to Flor in Cesar’s basement.

Watching the video again, Elisa studies the Flor Sanchez incident before heading back to see Elroy in hospital. Mariana shows up to stop her questioning though. The two come to blows, with Elisa questioning her Mother over her motivations and what’s happening to their family.

Getting nowhere, Elisa instead turns her attention to the patriarch. Elisa questions Cesar over his motivations, asking outright about the girls in the basement and wondering just what he’s been doing. Whispering, she calls him a killer despite Cesar claiming he didn’t kill Sara.

Meanwhile, trouble brews in the Chema household as Lorenzo finds his tyres slashed and the windows broken. Because of this, he realizes that Chema’s family is completely crazy. In fact, this eventually results in a big argument between the two, with the latter packing his things and leaving.

In the midst of all this drama, we do uncover one truth. The real identity of Diane the Huntress is actually Marifer, Sara’s best friend. She’s been in the wings this whole time, driving everyone forward to get revenge on Cesar for what happened to Sara.

Rodolfo confronts Sofia that evening as the truth surrounding their relationship comes to the foreground. Rodolfo tells Sofia he had a vasectomy so it’s literally impossible for him to have a child. This sees her whole world come crashing down as she feels betrayed and crushed at the same time.

By chance Alex uncovers a strange book hidden in the wall. Within that are various signs of Sara’s depression, including numerous scribbles and writing claiming that she wants to die. This seems to hint at a damning truth as he scrambles to ring Elisa and let her know. He claims they were wrong about everything, seemingly hinting that the tampered parachute didn’t actually kill Sara. Was she alive after this time?

As we soon see from final flashbacks to that day, Elroy was originally going to cut the harnesses but the scene cuts before we can see for sure whether he did. During a montage, there’s a whole litany of different flashes here, crescendoing in a gunshot from Cesar and a skeleton being found in Alex’s yard with a bullet hole through the forehead.

The Episode Review

So who did kill Sara? Well, the journal and the incident at the villa seems to hint that she may have actually committed suicide. In fact, the revelation at the end that she was taken away in a car may well hint that Alex was told Sara is dead when actually she was still alive. I know that’s a massive leap but it would be befitting for such a crazy telenovela.

For now though we’re left with glimpses of what may have happened at the end. It seems like someone was choking out a girl on the ground which seems to be Sara. This backs up the journal entries about wanting to die out in the yard. Could this be an assisted suicide attempt?

The red herring here though is with Cesar holding a gun up from afar while rain lashes to the ground. The angle may well be hinting at a third figure in this scene, someone choking out Sara. Cesar could have shown up, noticed this man (or woman) choking Sara and shot them in the head. That could be whose body that is – especially if Sara’s has already been recovered and she’s in the graveyard.

For now though, this twisty turny thriller bows out with more questions than answers, bringing this guilty pleasure to a rather frustrating but enjoyable close. With a second season seemingly an inevitability (especially given the preview there) this Mexican series bows out its soapy first season with lots to unpack.


What do you guys things? Who do you think killed Sara? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your theories!

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