Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

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Episode 9 of Who Killed Sara begins with Sergio admitting that he and Cesar have been friends for over 30 years. Apparently, he’s been getting death threats for weeks and wants Alex’s help and resources to set up a truce. Together, they can take out Cesar.

Well after their meeting Alex heads back home where he finds Elisa asleep on the sofa. He refuses to tell her who he’s on the phone to though and even offers to make her breakfast. Elisa is clearly suspicious though and questions Alex over the secrets he’s keeping from her.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo propositions Chema and suggests they leave Mexico. He doesn’t want their child growing up around his toxic family and suggests Chema wake up to what’s happening around him. For now, he’s left with a lot to think about as he takes Clara inside.

Only, Mariana happens to be there waiting for him. While they discuss the affair, so too does Sofia who shows at Cesar’s work. He refuses to help though, as this fractured family continues to tear apart at the seams.

The wildcard in all this though happens to be Bruno, who learns that Imara has gone missing. As we saw from the previous episode, she’s actually dead.

At the same time, Alex shows up to see Rodolfo who breaks the news about the affair to him. While at the graveyard, Rodolfo admits he can’t talk to Cesar and vows that his family can die for all he cares. As they talk it seems like there’s two possible culprits behind the identity of Diana the Huntress. It’s either Chema or Nicandro. Right now it seems like it’s the latter.

Alex brings Rodolfo to Sara’s room where he gives an impassioned plea to his old best friend. He promises to do his best to get to the bottom of all this, helping Alex to find the real culprit and bring them to justice.

While Rodolfo is asleep, Alex does some searching around online. There, he finds a death certificate for Nicandro which seems to throw the theory that he’s Diana the Huntress out the window.

Meanwhile, Elisa catches up with Bruno who’s in the basement and trying in vain to break into the secret room. Unfortunately the combination lock has been changed and this causes Bruno to walk away, defeated. As Elisa steps outside, she learns that Imara has been found dead.

Elisa immediately heads over to Alex’s house but now is not a good time for him. In fact, midway through talking Sara’s best friend Marifer arrives. With both girls together, Alex has a VHS tape labeled Flor which he plays for them, as the grim truth is revealed.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of Who Killed Sara falls into melodramatic waters as we see more drama crop up for our various different characters. Clara’s ex, for example, feels like a completely unnecessary component here while the show continues to repeat information we already know, especially in the flashbacks.

Everything has lead up to this final episode though where home truths will hopefully be revealed and what really happened to Sara unveiled. For now, Who Killed Sara bows out with another quick-paced episode that sets everything up for an explosive finale.

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