Where is Wayne Williams now? The Real Story of The Atlanta Child Murders

Wayne Williams

What did Wayne Williams do? 

Wayne Williams is an American serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the murders of as many as 30 victims in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981. 

He first became a suspect in the Atlanta Child Murders in 1981, when a police surveillance team heard a big loud splash on the James Jackson Parkway Bridge, which suggested something had been throw into the river below. The first car to exit the bridge after this sound was heard, belonged to Williams. He was stopped and questioned at the scene.

How was Wayne Williams caught? 

Two days after the splash in the river incident, the nude body of Nathaniel Cater was discovered in the river. Police believed this body to be the source of the splashing sound they heard as Williams’ car crossed the bridge.

Hairs and fibres retrieved from another victim’s body were consistent with those found at Williams’ home. Williams held a bizarre press conference outside his home to maintain his innocence. 

Williams was arrested on the 21st June, 1981, for two murders. His trial began on the 6th January, 1982. Williams took the stand in his defence but had a torrid time due to his angry and combative behaviour. The jury found him guilty of the murders, and he was sentenced to life in prison. 

Williams was never tried or convicted of the actual Atlanta Child Murders, but the murders stopped when he became incarcerated for the two murders he was convicted of.

Where is Wayne Williams now? 

Wayne Williams is serving his life sentence at Telfair State Prison in Georgia. He is 65 years of age, and he still maintains his innocence in the Atlanta Child Murders case. 

The case received renewed attention when the Netflix series Mindhunter covered it in depth in season two. They heavily suggested Wayne Williams was responsible for the murders. The series was based on legendary FBI profiler John Douglas’ book of the same name, and he conducted lengthy research into the case and came to the conclusion that Williams fit the profile for the murders.

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  1. Wayne Williams is a dear friend of mine!
    Everyone needed someone to point the finger at! Evidence was withheld, Victims Families don’t believe Wayne did this. Rascism! Just wanted a scapegoat. Sad.
    He’s frustrated that now in age, people don’t care about Right!
    I think of Wayne daily.

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