Where is Rosa Peral Now? | Behind the love triangle that resulted in murder

What did Rosa Peral do? 

Rosa Peral was a police officer who was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for the murder of her of ex-boyfriend, Pedro Rodríguez, in Spain. His burnt remains were found in his car, and his corpse was so badly burned that only ashes were left of the victim. Rodriguez was a fellow police officer and colleague of Peral’s, and the murder case was the result of a strange love triangle gone desperately wrong.

What happened during the investigation and trial? 

Rosa Peral was instantly suspected of Pedro Rodriguez’s murder, and the police zeroed in on their target to make an arrest. 

The police knew the former police officer was in a relationship with the victim between 2014-2016, until she struck up a relationship with another officer, Albert Lopez. Peral and Rodriguez had a massive argument about her new relationship with Lopez, which appeared to be conducted behind Rodriguez’s back. Both Peral and Lopez blamed each other for the murder.

Following the murder of the ex-police officer in May 2017, Peral and Lopez were both arrested, and a dramatic trial would follow. 

Peral claimed she committed the murder under duress, as Lopez had threatened to kill her and her daughters, but she failed to gain any sympathy, and she was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for the murder. Albert Lopez was also found guilty of the murder and was sentenced to twenty years in prison. 

Where is Rosa Peral now? 

Rosa Peral continues to maintain her innocence while she serves her sentence in Mas Enric prison (Centre Penitenciari de Mas d’Enric) in Tarragona, Spain. Her daughters visit her once a month with their grandfather, Francisco Peral.

Peral launched an appeal against her conviction in the Catalonia High Court and the Supreme Court. Her original sentencing was upheld by both institutions.

The case has gained worldwide attention with the release of Rosa Peral’s Tapes on Netflix, which carried out interviews with the convicted woman, and told the story of the case. There is also a drama based on the case called Burning Body, also on Netflix.

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17 thoughts on “Where is Rosa Peral Now? | Behind the love triangle that resulted in murder”

  1. To T.K.Hodge
    (It’s barbarism and vengeful to kill anyone as punishment.)
    You wouldn’t believe that if someone Massacre your family. Mate it’s about consequences( you killed somebody then you get the same) Simple, plus I’m from the UK. It’s not own American who supports the DEATH PENALTY, it’s in many cultures around the world.

  2. Where is the clear evidence she has murdered? In my view and from what I have seen and read its not as clear cut. Albert Lopez had many more reason to commit the crime, jealousy, his somewhat shady past and attraction to a person who was beautiful and maybe flirtatious.
    Rosa, had to fight the system in a mainly men dominated world of the Police. Of course many of them wanted her to be removed. Collusion, and framing someone like her can be done…. we are talking about police and public perception…. I personally feel she did not get a fair trail.

  3. A 25 year sentence usually gets commuted to 10-12 years based on good conduct and other mitigating circumstances as the facts of a case may be, acc to the humanitarian laws of countries such as India. Besides this, I’m not qualified to comment upon a jury verdict reached after long sessions in the trial court !!!

  4. It’s a shame that she goes relationship at Pedro, when she had a change to go married with Albert. Thats is so sad. She is D* lover so she had what she deserves, Rip Rosa!

  5. Ignorant Canadians making blanket statements about people they do not know and never will. Cute. Oh, Canada.

  6. NOBODY.. and I mean.. NOBODY.. knows exactly what they will do or not do, believe or not believe, decide or not decide.. until they themselves, are put in the same situation. If it’s your loved one whom you lose, you will never know what form of justice you want.. until it happens to you.

    All of you are ignorant. We all think we’re the most lovely, moral, compassionate people.. until we ourselves, experience the unthinkable.

  7. Chantel Bloom
    Rosa definitely deserved a life sentence or death. She is an evil person who only cares for herself. So sad she had to sleep with numerous men. She was a slut and was never faithful to anyone she was with. I hope everyday she is prison is so very painful and worse then living in hell. She is a very deceitful and devious person and I hope she is miserable. May she never have a day of peace.

  8. What does it matter what country you are from when you have anyone willfully commit murder. If you know there’s a chance that you not only will Not get the death penalty and maybe not even life.
    Hell if you’re a psychopath. That might be worth it to you. It’s barbarism to want the death penalty for cold blooded. Willful murder. But committing it is what exactly? Get off your high horse of superiority that people from other countries have about how you deal with someone who has no problem with taking a life. In cold blood.

  9. Far out what are you guys taking?
    How is it circumstantial when her house is covered in the vitims blood and countless other damming evidence. Somehow is a defence that she was a horn dog ? Wow

  10. All circunstancial evidence .. and Rosa had a weak defense .. is true someone die got murdered by someone hands .
    Persecution did not provide weapons nothing to link her to the crime even it happened in her house . Blood stains does nott explain who did it .
    Phone conversation just all made up.

  11. MP Anthony is spot on…to a point. We don’t know if it is ignorance that opines the guilty verdicts in this case warrant a penalty of death. Furthermore, we don’t know if Americans made these comments. Sure, it’s an easy jump to make, especially from our friends and allies. But l encourage us all not to make assumptions based on what we don’t know; rather, make decisions based on facts that would encourage further civil discourse.
    William Kiefer

  12. Es una psicopata esa tal rosa mintio desde el comienzo sin ningun cargo de conciencia tremenda actriz monstruos mentirosas como esa tipa son un peligro para quien sea ella trato de describirse como una ignorante mujer devil victima de su amante pero no existe crimen perfecto y por mas inteligente que se cree ella no contaba que el jurado y el tribunal no son unos mas de sus tontas victimas que le creian todo y hacian lo que ella queria enferma sucia perversa demente psicopata mala suerte

  13. Americans commenting on justice or cultures of other parts of the world with the assumption that their own laws and culture applies to the whole damn world is insane. Death penalty?? Really?? They dont even have an understanding of their own justice system beyond what they see on network TV crime series let alone other countries. As a Canadian, we arent much better. You’d be amazed how many Canadians (especially westerners) are all over social media commenting on on Canadian cases and referencing American laws that arent even applicable here. Turn off your American TV and get out in the real world and learn about your own society people!

  14. Seems there’s no concrete evidence at all. All I see is opinions of people. Are they professional enough to have an opinion ? It’s just hearsay.

    So she’s in jail because of these hearsay and opinions ? What a joke !! What are the judges and jury smoking ?

  15. Man, they railroaded her. The press lied about her and smeared her because of her sexual appetites. Also ,the first comment on here has to be a spiteful American. Europe doesn’t have the death penalty 🙄 How do I know its an American? I happen to be one too. It’s barbarism and vengeful to kill anyone as punishment.

  16. GUILTY …… and she should have received LIFE as well as Lopez.
    Or better yet the DEATH PENALTY
    I hope they pith rot in prison.
    My heart goes out to her innocent daughters and the Rodriguez family.

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