Where is Mackenzie Shirilla now? | The full story behind the shocking Ohio car crash

What did Mackenzie Shirilla do?

In 2022, then-17 year old Mackenzie Shirilla deliberately drove her car at a speed of 100mph and crashed into a wall at 5.30am.

Under the influence of marijuana they smoked earlier in the day, that crash killed her boyfriend Dominic, and his friend Davion Flanagan, who were both in the same car.

The crash was spotted by a passer-by 45 minutes later and by the time officials arrived on the scene, the two men were pronounced dead. Shirilla was unconscious and not breathing. She underwent multiple surgeries and recovered. 

Shirilla insisted afterwards that the crash was an accident, but surveillance footage proves overwise. She accelerated her car to crash, and the two men in the car looked terrified.

As a result of this, Mackenzie was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the murders.

Dominic’s father believes life imprisonment is too harsh a punishment for what he deems a “stupid thing”. He was quoted as saying:

“She did a damn stupid thing but now her parents are destroyed, her family’s destroyed too. I wish there was a way she could get some kind of help, some kind of treatment.”

What was Mackenzie Shirilla’s childhood like?

Mackenzie Shirilla’s childhood shows nothing out of the ordinary. However, it’s reported that her mother, Natalie Shirilla, testified that Mackenzie was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

This disorder can cause an individual to pass out if their hydration and sodium levels are too low. She argued this in court but it didn’t affect the trial in any way.

What happened during the trial?

The trial began around the one-week death anniversary of Dominic and Davion. At the sentencing, Dominic’s father spoke about his son, pointing out that he was going to open his own clothing line and was a “go-getter”.

The Judge had a very straightforward interpretation of this crime, believing that Mackenzie: “had a mission, and she executed it with precision. The mission was death,”

Crucial surveillance footage showed the two victims shocked and fearing for their lives as Mackenzie crashed into the wall. 

Before the sentencing, the prosecution also presented TikTok videos showing Shirilla at a concert and celebrating Halloween after the crash. 

The judge said in her verdict that Shirilla was “literal hell on wheels”; she intentionally drove at an hour when not many witnesses would be around, on a path she didn’t use often. 

The prosecutors also argued that Mackenzie and Dominic’s relationship had become rocky and she had threatened her boyfriend. It’s unclear whether this is linked, but prosecutors believe she crashed in order to end their relationship.

Did Mackenzie Shirilla intentionally crash her car?

Given the overwhelming amount of evidence, it’s safe to say Shirilla did definitely crash on purpose. Two weeks before the crash, Mackenzie allegedly threatened to crash when she was driving with Dominic because she was upset over a disagreement.

Dominic called his mum and asked to be picked up, and a friend ended up retrieving him.

In a phone call, that same friend allegedly overheard Shirilla say, “I will crash this car right now.”

The month of the crash, Mackenzie also “made multiple threats” toward Doninic. Videos recovered from his phone reveal an altercation in which she was heard “repeatedly degrading Dominic and threatening him.”

Part of those came from threatening to key his car and break the handle off a door after Dominic refused to let her into his home.

All of this, coupled with the acceleration and chilling surveillance footage, show that Mackenzie intentionally crashed her car.

Where is Mackenzie Shirilla now?

Following a bench trial, a Cuyahoga County judge found 19-year-old Mackenzie Shirilla guilty of multiple charges, including two counts of murder, aggravated vehicular homicide and felonious assault. She was handed two concurrent 15 years to life sentences in a court in Ohio.

Her sentence is similar to what life imprisonment equates to in the UK, meaning she will be eligible for parole in 15 years.

For now though, Mackenzie Shirilla will serve her time behind bars.

Mackenzie Shirilla’s trial and journey through the criminal system have been a big talking point recently, especially with that courtroom footage. What do you think of Shirilla’s case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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