Where is Amber Wright Now? | Behind the Murder of Seath Jackson

What did Amber Wright do? 

Amber Wright murdered her ex-boyfriend, Seath Jackson, in a brutal fit of rage and then burned his body in a fire.  It was April 2011 in Belleview, Florida, and 15-year-old Seath Jackson was lured to his death by the girl he loved. She told him to meet her at a mobile home, where he was met by a group of youths who beat him up, leaving his ex-girlfriend to land the final blow. 

What happened during Amber Wright and Seath Jackson’s relationship? 

Seath Jackson and Amber Wright had been dating for around three months. They broke up in March 2011, when Seath suspected Amber of cheating on him with 18-year-old Michael Bargo. The breakup was bitter, and both teenagers took to social media to express their feelings. 

Michael Bargo entered into a relationship with Amber Wright, who reportedly told him that Seath had abused her. Michael developed a hatred for Seath because of these accusations, which eventually led to the teenager’s murder. 

What happened during the trials? 

Despite all the participants in Jackson’s murder being juveniles at the time of Seath Jackson’s murder, prosecutors tried each one of them separately as adults. 

All the defendants in the case were sentenced to life in prison for Jackson’s murder, apart from two of the suspects who pleaded guilty to lesser charges and have now been released from prison

Michael Bargo was sentenced to death and became Florida’s youngest inmate on death row. 

Where is Amber Wright now? 

Amber Wright escaped the death penalty and was jailed for life instead. She now resides at the Homestead Correctional Institution in Florida.

In 2017, she sat down with Piers Morgan in an episode of his successful true-crime series, Killer Women, and spoke about the case at length. 

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4 thoughts on “Where is Amber Wright Now? | Behind the Murder of Seath Jackson”

  1. What makes this murder so shocking is its cruel brutality perpetuated by kids mostly in their late teens. The other shocking aspect to this senseless murder is the total lack of empathy for their victim Seth Jackson. They totured and murdered this poor sole before dismemering him and burning his remains – all but 2 got what they derserved. They are all heartless sub human monsters and would defenetly have killed again had they gotten away with it.

  2. Amber wright is beyond scary.. A complete sociopath.
    Michael is right up there with her.
    Michael continues to ask places to advocate for his release. Which is bonkers.
    The diabolical plan they made is unjustifiable.
    None of them should be released.
    Amber by far the most dangerous!

  3. I have one word for these people: SCUM. The other female, Charlie Ely, was released at 27 years old because her lawyers were deemed incompetent. Now she walks free. Seats had everything taken from him. I knew people like this when I was growing up and I have zero sympathy for any of them.11q

  4. From watching Amber Wright’s interview with Piers Morgan, I think she’s a sociopath and a very narcissistic young girl who was willing to let one young man die a horrendous death just to feel she got enough attention. Well, now she will rot in prison, alone, instead. It’s a kind of justice that is actually better than the death penalty any day.

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