We Are (Thai BL) – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Pencil Senior and Milk Frappe Boy

Episode 7 of We Are starts with the continuation of Toey and Q’s love story as Chain continues to pretend to pursue Toey to see Q’s reaction. Q follows Toey and Chain to the pack and finds them taking selfies, so they ask him to take pictures of them. The boys meet up later at Pheem’s place for an update, and Chain uses Pun while showing Tan and Pheem Q’s reactions when he puts his arm on Toey’s shoulder. When Chain holds Pun’s face to show them how he held Toey, for a moment, Chain and Pun get lost in each other’s gaze, oblivious to Tan and Pheem. Tan and Pheem shout his name to snap them out. 

The boys realise that Q needs a more significant push to open up about his feelings, so Pun comes up with the following plan and asks the boys to get ready to act. Therefore, Tan invites everyone, including his boyfriend Fang, Phum, and his friends, for an outing at the amusement park. Mick and Beer agree to accompany them, but Phum refuses. However, he quickly changes his mind when he learns Pheem will attend. Tan picks them up at the park entrance, and they meet up with Toey, Chain, Q, Pun, Mathew, and Pheem. 

The friends have much fun at the park, enjoying various amusements while Chain and Toey stick together to force a reaction from Q. Their plan seems to be working since, after a while, Q excuses himself and stays away from the group. Toey is bubbly, and he drags Chain on many scary rides until Chain can no longer hold on. Therefore, Chain appears to take Toey on more rides so Chain can take a rest. When the boys are on a snack break, Tan accidentally spills that he is dating Fang when he calls him “babe” and asks if he wants anything else. All the boys except Phum are shocked by the revelation. Phum already knew the two were dating because he was Fang’s brother.

After the break, Q pulls Chain aside to ask him about Toey. He wants to know if he likes Toey, so Chain lies about how he likes him and hits him. He asks why Toey is stopping him when he is just a mentor, and q says he is worried that things might get awkward between them if they break up since Chain is known to be a player, but Chain says he is serious about Toey. Toey wants to go into the haunted house, but no one will accompany him, so Pheem suggests that Q takes him.

Q drags Toey into the haunted house and looks satisfied when Toey clings to him when he gets scared. When Toey whines that he does not want to come into the haunted house with Q, he asks if Toey knows that Chain is hitting on him. Toey becomes speechless when Q suddenly asks if he can also hit on him and leans in to kiss Toey. Toey agrees to let Q kiss him, and he kisses him back. As they leave the haunted house, Toey is blissful, and he lets Toey lead him out of the house. After they leave, Toey does not want to join more rides, so they all head home. 

The following day, Fai drops Phum’s mug on Pheem at the studio, and he gives Phum a call to tell him he is dropping by. Phum leaps into action, getting the house ready and cleaning up, waiting for Pheem to arrive, but he only hands him the mug at the door and then heads back. At the bottom, Pheem has drawn a buffalo head and named it Phum. Later, Pun, Tan, Chain, and Pheem meet to discuss the progress of their mission. Therefore, they hold a back-to-school party at Pheem’s house and invite Toey and Mathew. Chain is to continue flirting with Toey to see Q’s reaction. 

After class, Pheem and Q run into Toey, and his reaction makes Pheem think that something has happened between them at the haunted house. He lies that the back-to-school party is Chain’s idea, intending to get closer to Toey, so Q agrees to join. Phum asks Pheem to meet at the School of Architecture since he has something to tell him. While waiting for his drink at the canteen, someone approaches him, mistaking him for his friend. Pheem asks him to pay for his drink as an apology for the tap on the head before walking away. 

Phum wants coffee at Pheem’s hotel, so they head to Pheem’s house together. He turns down Pheem’s aunt’s offer to make him a coffee and insists that Pheem makes it for him. His friends arrive for the party and find Phum at Pheem’s place, which seems suspicious, but they do not dwell on it. They sit inside the house for an update on the progress of their plan to get Q to open up.

Toey exclaims that there is hope for the milk frappe boy to get together with pencil senior, and Q overhears it. Q gets angry that they all came together to lie to him and refuses to listen to Toey’s explanation. Toey is heartbroken because it seems like he is losing Q again, and he breaks down. Phum and Mathew must help him to the car since Q refuses to talk to him. 

After Toey leaves, Pheem talks with Q about his feelings and wants to know if Q has feelings for Toey or the milk frappe boy. Q says that he ghosted Toey in the past because he started developing feelings for someone he had never met. Q is in disbelief because the person he loves has always been beside him, and he did not notice. Pheem wants to know what Q feels for Toey, and Q says he has good feelings for him, comparing him to an art masterpiece. Pheem encourages him to tell Toey about his feelings, and then Chain, Pun, Tan, and Q sleep at Pheem’s place. 

Pheem and Q run into Toey on their way to class the following day, but Q ignores him. Pheem asks Toey to give Q some time, and he will come around. In class, Toey thinks back to when he visited the café with Q. Toey told Q not to be pessimistic and to look for the Milk Frappe Boy because he was probably waiting for him. Mathew knows that Toey is overthinking the situation with Q, which gets him to open up.

Toey says that although he is glad to know Q and the Milk Frappe Boy had good feelings for each other, he is saddened because now he is Toey. Q only sees him as his mentee and does not want to talk to him. Suddenly, Q arrives at Toey’s class and drags him out to eat. The episode ends with Toey leaning in to kiss Q outside the lecture hall after realising he is no longer mad at him.

The Episode Review

Toey and Q’s love story is impressive, with enough backstory and depth to get the viewer invested. The episode highlights Toey’s acting talent as he conveys diverse feelings, perfectly mesmerising the viewer. His bubbly self is childlike and refreshing, and he makes us feel the agony and pain in his cry when he thinks he is losing Q all over again.

In the upcoming episodes, the narrative should dwell more on Chain and Pun’s relationship since it is the only one that has not developed considerably. A new love interest might enter the picture in the upcoming episode, affecting Phum and Pheem’s relationship. Will the new person force them apart or push them to confront and admit their feelings? Let us find out in the next episode of We Are. 

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