We Are (Thai BL) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Let Me Take Care of You

Episode 4 of We Are starts with Phum apologising to Pheem for pranking him and making him wait until midnight at the mall. Pheem thinks Phum is pulling his leg and starts teasing him, asking if he is sick and asking to repeat it. Phum gets frustrated but invites him for lunch at the engineering canteen. Suddenly, Tan catches them off-guard, asking what Pheem is doing at the engineering canteen. Pheem is dumbfounded, but Tan answers his question, suggesting that Pheem is probably there because he likes the food at the engineering canteen. Phum and Pheem go along with his suggestion. 

Tan adds that Q had called the previous night, saying Pheem was moody and wanted to know why. Pheem mentions the prank but does not go into details. However, Tan soon lets go, asking about it. He wants to know what Fang thought of the snack he made him. When Fang calls Phum to ask for glue, Tan offers to deliver it to the architectural building. When he delivers the glue, Fang asks Tan to help him finish his assignment since it is due, and he helps with cutting and glueing the model. 

Meanwhile, Q is busy painting on the stairs of the fine arts building when the playful Toey shows up and, as usual, is on his nerves. They start chasing each other out of the fine arts building and run into Phum, who is dropping off Pheem. It turns out that Toey Phum went to the same high school, and they know each other. Toey innocently asks if Phum and Pheem are dating since he saw Phum pick up Pheem from the school building some other time. He says he recognised Phum’s car. After some conversation among them, Toey says he is heading to the park to skate and invites Toey and Pheem to tag along. Phum offers to drop them off at the park.

Phum does not just drop them off at the park; he keeps Pheem company while he draws. He raises the prank issue again and asks Pheem to forgive him since he deliberately asked him to wait and did not expect him to. At the same time, Q and Toey have a conversation about Q’s drawing prowess, and he says that he is good at it because he practices drawing a lot. Q says that before the entrance exams, he practised drawing daily, which was not tiring since he enjoys drawing. Q wonders if Toey feels pressured as his mentee because everyone says that Q is the best artist in the school. Toey says he does not have to compare himself to Q and tries to keep improving. His answer impresses Q, who says he is not good at everything. For instance, he is not good at skateboarding, and Toey offers to help him learn. 

Pheem keeps Phum waiting for him for a while as payback and returns with ice cream. When he asks Phum why he waited, he says he could not leave Pheem’s stuff. Pheem reminds him that he still has his shopping bags, and Phum casually thinks he can give all of them to Pheem to ease his anger. After a day at the park, Phum offers to take Pheem home, but Q insists on accompanying Toey. Fang buys Tan a drink at the School of Architecture to thank him for helping him with the model.

In Phum’s car, Pheem asks how Phum knows Toey and says that Toey used to be teased a lot in high school, so he and Fang stand up for him and become like their little brother. Phum asks Pheem if he wants to try letting him take care of him because he does his best when he takes care of someone. He leans in close and helps Pheem with the seat belt, which gets Pheem’s heart racing. After he drops him off, he continues to think about the cute moments between them since their paths crossed. Elsewhere, Q listens to music on the earphones inside the car, which gets Toey thinking about the first time he saw him at the café. 

In a lovely moment between Pun and Chain, Pun is exhausted from his studies and wants to head home, but he ends up at Chain’s faculty building instead. Chain helps hold him up when he almost faints and sits in the parking lot. He offers Pun hot noodles to eat and asks him always to call whenever he cannot make it home. Pun smiles as he eats the noodles, leaning on Chain in their own little world. 

The following day at school, Beer and Mick ask if he apologised to his friend, and he admits before realising that he had told them the story was about a friend, so he changes the answer to he told his friend to apologise. Mick tries to follow up, wanting to know if he asked the person why he waited, but Phum ignores the question and excuses himself since he has to deliver something to Tan. Fang gave him a snack to take to Tan to thank him for helping with the assignment. Tan is so happy about the snack that he calls his friends Pheem, Q, Pun, and Chain to celebrate at Pheem’s house. On the way home, Pheem and Q bump into Toey, and he joins them for the party at Pheem’s house.  

At school, the professor applauds Pheem’s work, saying that his interpretation and colouring have improved. Q is still waiting to meet with the professor, so he asks Pheem to head home and not wait. Outside the faculty, Pheem runs into Phum, and he offers to take him home. On the way, they stop at a roadside food kiosk to have some food, and Pheem teases Phum since he has never eaten in such a place. He does not know what to order without a menu, and he asks for the same thing as Pheem. Pheem offers to help spice it up, but Phum refuses and does it himself. He adds so much chilli, making it spicy, and when his water runs out, Pheem uses the ice from his water to cool his lips. They stare into each other’s eyes as Pheem’s thumb lingers on Phum’s lip.

Phum drops Phum at home, and they bicker about Pheem not thanking him. Pheem insists that Phum forced him to enter the car. Pheem asks if he had dropped him off at home the night he got drunk. Phum asks him if he remembers what he said that night, but Pheem does not respond. Phum starts to show him what he did, touching Pheem’s nose and eyes, and when he gets to the lips, he lingers. At the end of the episode, Phum leans in and almost kisses Pheem. 

The Episode Review

The episode highlights the fantastic chemistry and dynamics among the four couples. Chain and Pun still needs a bit more screen time and some background to their storyline, but at the same time, their love story is the most natural one among the couples. It is as if they know they were made for each other, and the inclination towards each other flows naturally.

The butterflies are flying between Phum and Pheem, and they might stop playing games in the next episode and make it official. Toey’s character in this series is the cutest and so adorable. The story development amazingly covers all the couples, and their connection feels realistic.

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