The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Shadow Puppets

We begin Episode 6 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond with a history lesson courtesy of some shadow puppets, complete with zombies taking over the world as we once knew.

Eventually we cut back to the present where a stranger arrives with a large stick. He’s blindsided by Felix who manages to stop the boy in his tracks. While Iris searches him, Silas and Elton head off to search the perimeter to make sure he’s alone.

Apparently he is but doesn’t have anything on him – not even a bag. It seems pretty suspect but they soon let him into their group, learning that his name is Percy. He was robbed by a couple of guys who he claimed were his friends. He was asleep while they did this and left him alone.

He believes they’re in an abandoned house down the road and he intends to get his stuff back – apparently there’s something sentimental he has on him.

As Percy talks about his life, Iris picks up on certain inconsistences and demands the truth. It turns out what was really stolen is his truck, which is full of refined oil. Iris decides to try and help him, promising to get the truck back in exchange for driving them up to see their Father.

“How do I know you won’t just take my truck and leave me?” Percy asks. “We won’t.” Iris replies. Well, that settles that then. Despite the fact that these two men could have guns (which Felix warns them about) and have a working truck, they all agree to band together.

They head up through the woods, with talk of romance, the past and other trivial means keeping them going as they wander into town. Lo and behold, they find the working truck and try to work out how to get it as it’s parked up across the street

Felix and Percy decide to head over first where his friend Tony happens to be bleeding and passed out in the truck. They take him out and lie him down gently on the ground as Percy realizes they aren’t able to hot-wire this thing. That leaves them with the dangerous possibility of finding the culprit – Percy’s old friend Mike – and facing them heard-on.

As thunder rumbles overhead, the guys completely ignore Felix’s request to stay put and head over to the danger zone, with Iris breaking her promise and deciding to stop being so afraid. She heads into the building and finds Percy, with the duo deciding to search upstairs together for clues.

Hope and Elton talk about her Father and eventually she tells him to focus and stop talking. Unfortunately Silas takes his eye off the ball while this is happening and fails to see Tony awaken. He snatches up all their packs and takes off in the truck. As Percy scrambles out the window too, it turns out he duped them all. Well, I for one certainly didn’t see that coming.

Now without supplies and with little hope to go on… Tony and Percy have a change of heart and return to save the duo from their fate at the hands of the zombies.

Eventually all they return to the campsite where everyone reflects on what happened. Iris is understandably salty, especially given she was the trustworthy one and encouraged the others to trust Percy.

She curses her luck, claiming she’s always had good instincts in the past. Percy sits with her though and encourages the girl, telling her she does. Iris, as it turns out, is actually the reason he came back, given his caring nature.

Meanwhile, Felix and Tony discuss the emblem on his jacket. Although he brushes it aside as something from the university they were staying at, Tony is wise to what it really is and tells Felix he should be ready. Before that though, Tony decides to entertain the group with some shadow puppets.

During the epilogue, Lyla receives a call from the Colonel informing her that the kids are coming. As the camera pans outside the office, a whole bunch of zombies happen to be stuck inside jail cells.

The Episode Review

Once again the kids run head-first into trouble and it’s no surprise that they’re duped by this duo of con-artists. A kid arriving without any supplies is suspect enough but given they didn’t even search Tony or try to see if he had anything on him shows what a flawed con-job this actually would have been had someone more experienced come along.

The rest of the characters continue to baffle, ignoring Felix’s plans and just doing whatever they want. Given Silas was supposed to be on look-out, he perhaps should have kept an eye on the man behind them passed out.

Ah well, the group have their truck now and the next episode seems to hint that they’re moving closer to the lab. No doubt the group will stumble upon more ridiculousness on the way which begs the ultimate question – with the constant rumbles of thunder and crackles of lightning, will it ever rain in this show?

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