The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Truth Or Dare

We begin Episode 7 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond with Huck awakening after a bad dream, breathing heavily. She packs up her gear, makes sure her gun is working and scavenges what she can on the road. On the way, Felix and the others rock up in the truck and bring her along for the ride.

With Percy onboard now, Iris starts flirting with him while Silas watches on. Tony meanwhile entertains Elton with some magic tricks. Huck grabs some product placement and sweet sponsorship money in the form of a Mountain Dew bottle, which she shares with Felix, commenting how good it tastes.

Eventually Tony briefs the group and shows them a whole stack of hidden CRM oil caches on the map they have. Tony asks the guys exactly where Iris and the others are going…but they don’t know. They’re going somewhere inside New York but for now they’re “flying blind”.

Using the map left behind by the General, Iris manages to piece together the exact location they need, thanks to the double helix symbol.

Interspersed around these present day segments, we jump back in time and see moments from Huck’s past, including hanging out with her army buddies. That evening, they’re interrupted by reports of the outbreak. Huck was part of a task-force heading underground to the city service tunnels to find survivors.

With night vision goggles attached, the soldiers head underground and find their survivors. Huddled together, Huck and the rest of the troops thwart the zombie threat and keep them safe.

Unfortunately new orders come in which makes things a lot more morally ambiguous. Huck and the others soldiers now need to kill anything that moves – living or undead. With all the survivors awaiting the inevitable, Huck changes her mind at the last second and guns down her fellow marines instead.

Back in the present, the teens join together and drink while playing Truth or Dare. Only things go awry when Hope decides not to answer her truth and heads up to the roof.

There, she runs into Huck and the two get talking. Hope reveals that she killed a woman on the night of the infection. Huck promises her that despite how dark things are, they can still become darker.

After this pep talk, the group decide to split up… again.

Of course, Hope and Huck get separated when they do, with the latter eventually finding a man named Walter deep underground holding Hope up at gunpoint. Huck notices that this man is injured and promises she’s not with “them”. That, of course, refers to the organized soldiers we’ve seen before.

She asks Walter to turn the gun on her instead and admits that she can save his life. Only, that will mean amputating his leg. Eventually Huck manages to grab the guy, holding him and promising to save his life.

As everyone joins back together – and with Tony and Felix finding the oil cache underground – the group reconvene once more as another mission goes their way.

It turns out, they’ve also found an encrypted pad full of numbers bearing the soldier’s symbol. Before they can look into that further, Percy and Tony decide to hang around for longer, much to Silas’ disappointment. Elton meanwhile does his best to woo Hope with his magic tricks.

As the episode closes out, Iris awakens from the truck to find Tony dead, his skull bashed in, while a drunk Silas lies against the wall. Percy is nowhere to be found and as the rest of the group catch up, they’re shocked at what they’ve seen.

The Episode Review

Walking Dead: World Beyond has been, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst of the three Walking Dead shows. Even so, there’s a few glimmers of promise in this latest episode. Namely, Huck’s back-story is fascinating and the segments showing her conflicted as a marine over the right thing to do is nicely showcased. In fact, I wish they just had a whole episode of that to be honest.

It’s one of the few redeeming features as the rest of the episode shows that our survivors just keep making the same mistakes and never learning from them. Once again the group decide to split up and once again one of them ends up in mortal danger.

Thankfully they’re saved through Huck’s quick thinking but it’s another nail in the coffin that shows this group really don’t have the survival tenacity to continue on without a thick layer of plot armour to keep them safe.

Still, the ending with Silas brings up some interesting developments so hopefully that’s enough to turn the tide of this average series.


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  1. Review Geek : You know two things that are even less likely to ever occur than a zombie apocalypse? 1. US Marines receiving orders to kill innocent US citizens under any circumstance. 2 Any US Marine actually carrying out any such order. I recall in the first season of Fear The Walking Dead that the US military was portrayed in a very negative light. Now with Huck’s back story in this show, I have to conclude that The writers in the TWD universe are anti military. Its very disappointing. The writers are portraying a large group of very fine,selfless individuals in a very bad light. Huck’s back story is disgraceful, even in a fantasy like The Walking Dead. I have wached every episode of every series of TWD since the original TWD premiered. I think that is about to end.

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