Walker – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 picks up right where episode 3 left off, with Witt holding Stella and Sadie at gunpoint. He orders them to get in the car and drive off quietly. Despite their fear, Witt assures them he’s not going to harm them. He explains that he broke into Geri’s house on someone else’s orders, as they’re looking for a specific necklace. It is revealed that the charred body wasn’t Witt’s but his associate’s, who died in an accident.

Witt faked his death and went underground, but now he’s being hunted by the woman who sent him on the mission. He believes finding the necklace is the only way to escape her clutches. After Witt leaves, Sadie asks Stella to tell Cordell everything, but Stella refuses, fearing it could endanger Witt. Sadie, disappointed, walks away.

Meanwhile, when Cassie finds out that James is being kept in the dark about the Jackal, she wants to back out. She even tells them to forget about the FBI warrant she was trying to get. However, Cassie calms down when she learns that Kelly is the one who asked Cordell not to tell James until they have solid evidence.

The last time James investigated the Jackal, his life went haywire. Eventually, Cassie agrees to help and is sent to meet Detective Luna at the motel. Luna suspects that the Jackal is back and is planning his next move from there.

At the motel, Luna introduces Cassie to Amy, who agrees to watch over Cassie’s car for a few bucks. Cassie learns that Amy’s mother has been missing for a week, and Amy suspects she might be the Jackal’s latest victim. Luna and Cassie’s investigation leads them to an abandoned piece of land where Amy’s mother was buried alive.

They also find a Jackal’s tooth stuffed in her mouth, confirming that it’s the Jackal’s doing. Cassie calls Henry James and informs him that the Jackal has struck again, claiming another victim. Henry urgently asks Cassie to send him the address right away. He then confronts Cordell for being kept in the dark about Cordell’s investigation into the Jackal.

The Episode Review

From here on out, Henry James’s life will never be the same as the memories of everything he suffered while investigating the infamous serial killer come flooding back. If you haven’t watched the last three seasons, this case almost consumed Henry James to the point of no return.

He refused to eat, sleep, or go home to his girlfriend, Kelly, who was scared and frightened that she’d lose her love. This is why she didn’t want Henry to investigate the case again.

But now, Henry knows everything, and it is probable that he will once again go down the same rabbit hole to find and put an end to the Jackal’s murderous rampage.

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