Walker – Season 4 Episode 3 “Lessons From The Gift Shop” Recap & Review

Lessons From The Gift Shop

Episode 3 of Walker season 4 kicks off with Geri and Cassie, now roomies, enjoying a morning coffee together. Meanwhile, Cordell reveals to Trey that he hasn’t yet told Geri he loves her but wants to show his commitment. Trey suggests Cordell give Geri a desk drawer as a symbolic gesture.

Later, Liam shows concern about Stella to Cordell, who believes Stella needs space but assures Liam she can reach out if she needs help. Cordell surprises Geri with the desk drawer, which delights her, but things take a turn when Cordell finds out Geri donated a shirt Emily gave him.

Stella is still haunted by the traumatic events of that night and can’t shake off the fear. Sadie, trying to reassure her, brushes off the graffiti incident as a harmless prank, but Stella is convinced it’s a message meant for her. They head to the bar, where Sadie tries to downplay the seriousness of their past lies to the cops.

Stella argues that their attacker, Witt, targeted them for a reason, and now someone else might be trying to finish the job. Sadie suggests Belle as a suspect, but Stella disagrees, feeling Belle is not involved. Stella also shares her awkward encounter with Witt’s uncle, Mike, at Witt’s memorial, which raises Sadie’s suspicion that Mike might be targeting Stella for revenge.

After a few drinks, Stella decides to visit the campus police to ask about any unusual occurrences, while Sadie plans to investigate Uncle Mike. However, things escalate when they discover their car doused with gasoline and a picture of Witt with a matchbox on the dashboard. Soon, Stella has to leave abruptly to help her family with a fundraiser.

During a fundraiser, Stella notices a man sitting in a car for hours and suspects he’s spying on her. When she confronts him, he turns out to be a regular delivery man. Later, during the night shift, Trey and Cordell tell Cassie that the notorious Jackal has struck again, and they’re investigating the case off the books.

They also mention that they’re keeping James in the dark about it. Cassie offers to help, mentioning her FBI friends who could lend a hand with their resources. As the episode nears its end, Stella gets into her car only to find Witt waiting for her with a gun in hand.

Yes, you heard it right: Witt is not dead; he’s alive. He points the gun at Stella and instructs her to drive without asking any questions.

The Episode Review

The climax of the show completely changed everything we thought we knew. We thought Witt was dead, but he’s actually alive and the one behind all the harassment and pranks on Stella.

He has kidnapped her, and we’re left wondering what he plans to do. We also don’t know why he broke into Stella’s room that night. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will reveal more about his motives.

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