V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Picking Sides

While Michael Fayne continues to kill, episode 2 of V-Wars sees Luther held up in police custody as the Chief arrives and fills him in on the situation. He’s being charged with murder for killing Jess while Dez remains silent, refusing to speak to the therapist in a different room. However, National Security get involved and take over the investigation, taking Luther into their jurisdiction instead and saving him from jail time.

Kaylee doubles down on her investigation, putting up the story online surrounding Michael being a vampire and phoning Les soon after, managing to convince him to allow her to go into Luther’s house and investigate.

Luther meanwhile realizes the virus is spreading and given the rate that the National Security rushed to the scene, it’s pretty serious too. Several more murders crop up and while Kaylee continues to join the dots together, Claire shows Luther photos before asking what she can do to bring him on board to cooperate and use his expertise on the subject. Eventually she brings him to Calix, one of the scientists in the facility.

Once there, they discuss what they believe is happening until Dez is brought in to the facility too, safe and sound. As the episode closes out, we learn Michael Fayne is patient zero and the DNS intend to milk Luther for all he’s worth before “taking care of him”.

With the DNS revealed to be the shadowy organisation that Luther is now unfortunately working for, the door is left wide open for the plot going forward. With a shorter episode run this time around and not much in the way of plot development, a lot of the episode revolves around setting the foundation for the conflict to come. The DNS do seem a little too much like comic book villains though (which is ironic given the source material) and on this medium it just feels oddly out of place. There’s a distinct lack of depth for many of the characters too but it’s still early days and there’s plenty of time for this to change.

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