V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


The Getaway

Episode 3 of V-Wars begins with the Federal government taking control of the entire situation, believing Fayne is the one who’s responsible for the six more murders that have cropped up in town.  Claire addresses the public and tells them the situation is under control while the biker, Bobby, sees the report too and immediately begins tracking Michael Fayne down.

Luther speaks to Calix and pleads with him to help bring Fayne in. While Calix heads off to think about it, Michael realizes he needs to get off the grid and trades cars with a man at a remote shop out on the road. While Luther struggles to make sense of what’s happening, realizing the pathogen is spreading and they need to find a cure ASAP, Dani begins to feel under the weather. After seeing her sister and telling her how much she loves her, the infection appears to spread and turns her.

Kaylee continues to look into Luther and heads to his ex-wife Rachel’s house, convincing her to lie and admit to incriminating material against Luther. Unfortunately Dez hears this on the phone and relays this on to his Father. He’s not happy though and immediately throws the tablet across the room. This prompts him to visit Rachel and confront her over what’s happening. She acts erratically though but Luther’s guard arrives and immediately diffuses the situation.

Back at the facility, Luther mourns Jess as he’s given her urn and reminisces over the time Michael introduced him to her. He doesn’t get long to mourn though, as the police track down Fayne and chase him through the forest. Escaping on foot, the two officers at the scene chase him while Luther rushes to the scene to help out. As the episode closes out, Luther receives a text from Mike apologizing for Jess’ death but as he rings through, he warns Mike and tells him to leave the forest.

Despite the odd inclusion of some soap opera drama with Luther’s wife, V-Wars delivers a pretty good episode here, even if it does adhere to the usual tropes you’d expect. The sister storyline is interesting but Kaylee continues to feel like the odd character out here, used as a device to get exposition from different characters without actually doing an awful lot herself. Still, it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes next.

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