Virgin River – Season 3 Episode 6 “Jack and Jill” Recap & Review

Jack and Jill

Episode 6 of Virgin River Season 3 begins with Jack and Mel worried about Brie. When they notice Xanax in her bag, they start to expect the worse. Later on in the episode, after Brie recovers quickly, Mel finds out that she’s taking these pills to help her sleep after a nasty break-up back in Sacramento. This is also the reason she’s quit her job too, since she’s clearly depressed.

Meanwhile, Doc finds himself caught in the middle of organizing the Lumberjack Games. Given this is what busybody Hope usually deals with, it falls to Doc to help prep everything. Lizzie is there too though, but mainly because she’s been roped into this.

As the event goes ahead, Mike catches up with Jack and confirms Brady is their prime suspect. He has 2 hours unaccounted for and that could place him at the bar that night.

The games continue, with Mel and Jack caught in the middle of a heated debate. They lose a sawing game but there’s a bigger problem – Christopher has gone missing.

While Preacher and Mel head off to try and find him, Doc gets back to his prized shooting. Despite missing the first shot, he soon gets into his rhythm and hits the rest of the targets. Christopher is also found not long after, galivanting off by himself without a care in the world.

While they discuss their relationship, Mel and Jack also patch up their differences after laughing off their little squabble. However, that doesn’t have the same effect for Char and Jack, who continue to bicker and disagree. It turns out Todd isn’t a dog person and that forces her to give up the pup.

Just then, an emergency over at Lilly’s forces them all to hurry off.

The Episode Review

Virgin River has been inoffensively bland and dull so far this season. Anyone who has followed my recaps over the past season or so will know I’m not the biggest fan of this show. To preface, I like the characters. I actually love the setting and look forward to seeing what the show has in store for them every season. Unfortunately, it almost always disappoints.

The writing is so blasé, touching on tried and tested tropes without the pizzazz to actually make them interesting. Oh no, Jack has been shot! Oh wait, he’s fine. Christopher has gone missing? Wait 10 minutes and he’s absolutely fine. That’s before mentioning the characters that just come and go when the script calls for a bit more drama (Parker for example.)

These superficial and contrived scenarios just feel so rehearsed and tired now that – 3 seasons in – the show feels like it’s running on empty. At least last year’s season had the threat of the logging company in the shadows. This year has arguably been the worst season of the trio, but for now we’ll have to wait and see where the story goes to see if it picks up.

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