Virgin River – Season 3 Episode 5 “Kindling” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Virgin River Season 3 begins with Jack and Mel discussing the possibility of having a child. With Jack expecting twins and Mel’s past clouded in pain, the pair wonder whether they can actually go through with this or not.

As night turns to day, Doc asks Mel to cover for her at the clinic. He dances around the replacement interviews though, claiming it’s an additional physician to bring on to the team. Given this appointment will affect Mel, he suggests she join for the interview.

At the bar, Jack is obviously rattled. Mike tries to offer a reassuring ear, but the decision is a big thing for him to contemplate. Even worse, Char shows up and decides that he and Todd should get to know each other better. In fact, she arranges an impromptu lunch – after driving over in her new car bought for by Todd.

After agreeing to this – and knowing that Preacher was seriously contemplating leaving – Jack decides they should discuss the partnership together.

Before that comes to fruition, it’s time for the awkward dinner between Todd and Jack. He flashes his cash before toasting to him becoming a father. The real reason for the lunch is so Todd can broach the idea of legally adopting the twins. Well, Jack won’t be bought out and walks away.

Meanwhile, Ricky finds himself in a tight spot between his Grandma and Lizzie. Given the latter keeps using all the hot water and there’s no resolution in sight with Connie, it’s up to Ricky to try and resolve this. Lizzie decides they should move in together – which prompts Ricky to immediately get cold feet.

The interview with Dr Hansen goes swimmingly but something is bothering Doc. After showing her around the office, Mel pushes him to reveal what’s going on. There, he admits to her that he’s retiring. The actual retiring isn’t the issue but Mel is saddened by the fact she wasn’t approached by Doc with this news sooner.

Doc heads up to visit Lilly, talking to her about bloodwork. Only, he’s shocked to learn she’s actually got cancer. It’s an emotional moment, one that sees Lilly break down into tears as Doc promises that all the townsfolk are there for her. This gives her courage to tell Tara the truth.

On the way home, Doc comes under pressure. A 24 hour countdown to be precise, as he’s got to make a big decision about Dr Hansen taking over.

As he shows up at the bar, Jack immediately mentions his retirement which riles him up. Doc leaves angrily while  and Jack heads into the kitchen, experiencing flashes to the night of the shooting. There’s not much to go on beyond a hooded figure at the end of the bar.

Meanwhile, Mel learns from Brie that Jack had an ex wife called Mandy. To add insult to injury, the braid she currently has in her hair is exactly like Mandy’s used to be. As Brie heads over to pick up her purse, she collapses on the floor.

The Episode Review

Virgin River returns with another episode of soap opera shenanigans as Jack and Mel continue to dance around the idea of having kids. It’s obviously a big decision and given Jack already has twins on the way, he’s understandably conflicted over whether this is the right call or not.

Meanwhile, the various other subplots continue with Doc torn over his retirement plans and who will step up to replace him. It’s a nice storyline in truth, one that adds a bit of extra depth to his persona without Hope around, allowing him to get a lot more screen-time.

It also looks like Jack is going to start remembering the incident from the kitchen soon, while Brie collapsing is a bit of a non-story in truth. I mean, if Jack survived a gunshot wound then she’ll be fine after passing out. Still, it’s enough of a hook to keep you watching the next episode.

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