Viking Wolf (2023) Ending Explained – Does Thale die at the end of the movie?

Viking Wolf Plot Synopsis

Viking Wolf tells the story of Thale, a 17-year-old girl who moves to the Norwegian town of Nybo with her family. She struggles to fit into her new surroundings and fails to make many friends but her fortunes change when she is invited to a party by a young guy named Jonas.

The party does not end well. Thale and other members of the group are attacked by a creature and one girl is killed. Thale is bitten by the creature that we later discover is a werewolf.

Unfortunately, this bite has disastrous consequences for Thale as she becomes infected by the werewolf’s poison and starts to transform into a werewolf herself.

When the local police hunt down the creature behind the girl’s death, Thale finds herself in the firing line.

Does she survive the movie? Or does she live on to experience the next full moon? Let’s take a closer look at Viking Wolf.

How does Viking Wolf begin?

The movie begins with a prologue set during the time of the Viking invasion of Normandy in 1050.

A group of fierce Viking warriors raid a monastery in search of anything they can get their greedy hands on. Unfortunately, instead of finding gold and silver, they discover a secret room and find a feral wolf cub hidden within. They capture the wolf and take it back to their ship, little realising that their new passenger is, according to the movie’s narrator, the hound of hell!

They journey to Norway with the wolf in tow but before they reach their destination, they are all killed by the beast. The wolf manages to survive the journey and on arrival in Norway, the evil creature makes its way into the deep Nordic woods.

And that is how the movie starts, although you’ll be glad to know the prologue isn’t historically accurate, so you have no need to cancel your vacation to Norway!

Shortly after, the movie takes us to the present day where we are introduced to 17-year-old Thale who has recently arrived in the town of Nybo with her mother, stepfather, and younger sister.

Thale struggles to fit into her new surroundings but her life starts to become easier after she meets Jonas. He invites her to a party at the bay but this ends badly when she and some other members of the group are attacked by a werewolf.

Is anybody killed during the werewolf attack?

While on her way home from the party, Thale notices Jonas talking to a girl called Elin. She stops to listen to what they are saying but shortly after, the werewolf emerges from the woods and attacks the group. Jonas and Thale are injured in the attack and Elin is dragged into the woods by the creature.

The police arrive and investigate the scene. Liv, Thale’s mother, is one of the police officers and she is relieved to find her daughter alive. Poor Elin is not so lucky, however, as we later learn when her badly mutilated corpse is discovered in the woods. A clue to her death is found – a claw – and the police begin to assume she was killed by a wolf.

How does the police investigation progress?

A forensic pathologist encourages Liv to contact a wolf expert at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences. She does so and upon his investigation, this expert concludes Elin was killed by a wolf but one that wasn’t of a normal size.

Later, Liv is visited by a man called Lars Brodin. It turns out that he is a werewolf hunter who has been searching for the creature living in the woods his whole life. He informs Liv that this werewolf was responsible for Elin’s death and that it must be stopped before it continues its bloodline with another victim, but Liv is dismissive of this information. He still manages to arm her with a few silver bullets, however, and these come in useful shortly after.

After getting a hunting permit, Liv and other members of the police enter the woods to search for the wolf. They find what they are looking for but in the process, several of them are injured by the creature. Liv is almost killed in the attack but before she comes to a grisly end, she manages to shoot and kill the beast.

When the wolf is later examined, Liv finds out that the silver bullet was the cause of its death. At this point, she realises that Lars was telling the truth and that the wolf is anything but ordinary.

What happens to Thale?

Thale begins to have strange visions which are caused by the werewolf’s blood which is running through her bloodstream. One night, while hanging out with Jonas, she looks up at the full moon and starts to transform into a werewolf herself.

Thale is overcome with bloodlust and devours Jonas. After realising what she has done, she decides to leave town. The next night she boards a bus but before it reaches the Nybo tunnel, Thale transforms into the werewolf again and kills some of the passengers.

She flees the scene before Liv arrives to investigate. Liv finds Thale’s watch and after putting it through DNA testing, she discovers Thale is the werewolf that caused the massacre.

Meanwhile, Thale arrives at her family home in werewolf form and prepares to attack Jenny, her sister. But the sight of Jenny stops Thale in her tracks – perhaps the human side of Thale took over for a moment – and she pauses. At this point, her stepfather arrives on the scene and after seeing she is a wolf, he attacks her.

Thale manages to escape and manages to survive an attack by Lars who tries to ram into her with his caravan. Lars is killed in the process so his lifelong efforts to end the original werewolf’s bloodline have seemingly failed. But before Thale can cause any more carnage, she is stabbed by Jenny with a tranquillizer and then loses consciousness.

Does Thale die at the end of the movie?

Thale’s wolf-like body is taken to the forensic lab where Liv prepares to shoot it with one of the silver bullets that Lars gave to her. She apologizes before taking aim but we never get to see what happens next.

Just before the movie ends, we see Liv in her room placing a silver bullet next to a picture of Thale. Does this mean that she shot her daughter? Or did she let Thale go? We don’t know which is kind of frustrating. It can be supposed that this ambiguous ending leaves the way open for a sequel where we get to find out Thale’s fate.

Is Thale alive? If so, will she claim further victims and continue the bloodline of the hellhound that we saw at the start of the movie? Or is Thale dead, meaning that the town of Nybo is now free of the hellhound’s curse?

At this stage, we have no idea but if you have any suggestions of your own, please let us know by leaving us a comment below.



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20 thoughts on “Viking Wolf (2023) Ending Explained – Does Thale die at the end of the movie?”

  1. I’ve watched the movie twice, had to the second time to rethink certain pieces in the movie. I hate endings where you’re left to write it yourself. We can speculate all day long, but in the end we’re left wondering. No sequel? No fruition…

  2. From watching Lon Chaney jr. in the wolf man and other movies you can be turned from any wounds received from werewolves I don’t know why he looked just at the neck thats usually the vampires mark

  3. Why entitle this article as “Viking Wolf” Ending Explained? Waste of time for readers believing the headline was true.

  4. Pretty sure a bunch of people from the bus were injured and survived. And from the street outside the bar.
    Nybo is doomed whether Thale survived or not!

  5. I think the clue lies in the little sisters vow that she would always take care of Thale. The monks at the beginning of the movie had control of the little wolf. The bullet put in front of the picture was NOT spent. I think Thale is alive, and the sequel will take up with the little sister as guardian of the controlled wolf.

  6. The mom walks into the room at the end of the movie and looks in the mirror as if she’s judging herself. In my opinion she didn’t kill her daughter. She said earlier that she couldn’t kill her own daughter. The bullet that she puts next to the photo is the one that would have been used. It’s an unspent bullet. I think she’s alive

  7. I think the stepdad’s injury came from punching the car window. I don’t think he’s a werewolf. This is because Lars checked the police officer in a coma ‘s neck and when he saw the bite he killed him. This probably means the bite has to be on the neck for the person to be a werewolf because Thale’s bite was in the neck-shoulder area.

  8. I really enjoyed the movie. However I thought werewolves only turned during a full moon, therefore the wolf should have been human in her final scene. In spite of this the movie was a great wee story.

  9. I believe stepdad just had massive blood loss from breaking the van window open. When listening to Lars, he said “once the curse is completed, the human is lost” but with Thale listening to Jenny, maybe there was human left in her and they just imprisoned her. Mom setting down the bullet at the end (which had been at least a month after the potential shooting scene since there was no cast on mom) seemed to indicate she coulgo thru with killing her daughter.

  10. I thought she did kill her daughter and that single bullet was for her in case she starts transforming. Because I believe the mom was bitten to? In other movies when a person is cornered they always get one bullet than kill themselves.

  11. I think she didn’t kill her… But is either didn’t let her go… May be thsy are still try to reverse the wolf in to human…. Just can’t find the hope…. So story will on go…. When thay found another hellhound the oldest and strongest…. And now thay need help…. To kill a vanam to vanam (hellhound to hellhound)…… Well this is just my theory…..

  12. I think that Thale’s mother can not bring herself to shoot her daughter so she lets her escape and I think that she either tries to kill the people at the place Thale was being held or she just ran off. I think this theorie because whale Thale’s mother is driving home there are ambulances that drive past her and when she gets home she sets down the silver bullet that she was going to shoot Thale with.

  13. Maybe the step dad didn’t got bitten. He was injured when he crashed the side window of the car?! I think the open end is more of “don’t put the blame of the mother for shooting her own daughter”. Non of the alternatives were “ok”, so let us not know…

  14. Movies with supernatural theme usually have an open-ended ending because you can’t do much with the storyline when the subject matter is sci-fiction. So we get entertained by the pace of the suspense and the special effects (how realistic the creature is). I thought the movie is well done, at least it engages you and you don’t feel you wasted your time watching it. Lol

  15. Hi, thanks for your comment. I didn’t like the ending and as there is no word on a sequel yet, it might be that that is all we will get! If there is a sequel though, it might tie the stepdad into it somehow.

  16. It seems there were others who were bitten and survived. Did they become werewolves? Her step-dad was one. If they left the end hanging to have a sequel, it’s a cheap shot and demeaning to those of us who waited for a clearer conclusion.

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