Upload – Season 2 Episode 2 “Dinner Party” Recap & Review

Dinner Party

Episode 2 of Upload Season 2 starts with Nora and Matteo out chopping wood together. Away from technology and distractions, the pair are getting along well. Too well for some (including Pastor Rob) who notices them kissing in public. He even throws over a stern word about what they’re doing later on.

Meanwhile, Nathan continues to try and find Nora, but to no avail. Nathan is encouraged by Luke to accept that Nora is gone, that the murderer is still on the loose and Ingrid is still hanging around. In fact, the latter has decided to throw a dinner party.

Instead of rejecting this though, Nathan decides to embrace it and try to make a real go of his relationship with Ingrid. However, it also means the Angels are going to be busy for catering duties.

The dinner does not go to plan though, with the various characters gathered together and a whole dish of awkwardness served up alongside the food. It’s actually hilarious, as Ingrid works with the Angels to try and improve things. Only… it’s consistently made worse. So much so infact, Ingrid decides to fire them all and just stick to good old fashioned conversation instead.

The chatter turns to Freeyond and the idea of bringing everyone into Lakeview. Mr Choak has the right idea, deciding it should be for everyone and not for the privileged few.

Midway through being served, Tinsley appears – using the Nora avatar – and starts to serve up food. Nathan is taken aback and tries to talk to her, eventually admitting that she’s just a temp. Out on the balcony after dinner, Tinsley ends up speaking to Nathan, who’s not exactly happy about her using Nora’s avatar.

However, Matteo has a plan of his own. He intends to LIDAR A.I. Guy (whose real name is Boris Netherlands) and make an avatar that Matteo can use to sneak into Lakeview from the Grey Zone.

He wants to mess with Lakeview, claiming it’s liberating to work together and do this, toppling the unequal utopia. Nora agrees to help, as Matteo admits he’s not anti-tech but anti anything that doesn’t actually benefit the many.

Nora is encouraged by the community to go undercover at Horizen on their behalf. Nora isn’t so sure but Matteo reassures the young woman, claiming this is “for the good of the community.” She’s also teamed up with a rather eccentric guy called Cheetoh… who happens to be Ivan.

The Episode Review

Upload continues to showcase the contrasting fortunes of both Nora and Nathan as their fates seem destined to collide – but in very interesting ways. With Nora going undercover and Tinsley potentially growing closer to Nathan through using Nora’s avatar, it certainly raises a pretty interesting conflict to come for the rest of this season.

With less episodes than the first season, season 2 hasn’t quite got going just yet but the comedy is still pretty good, typified by that humorous dinner table discussion.

Quite what the rest of the season has in store for us though remains to be seen.

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