Unstable – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Dragon’s Fire

After having got Leslie out the house, episode 8 of Unstable begins this finale with Jackson and Ellis sharing a tender moment. The moment Anna informs Ellis that the board is planning to meet for an urgent situation. However, she assumes it’s to remove him, and his enthusiasm quickly fades away.

Jackson is then confronted by Anna, who requests his assistance. Jackson heads to Jean’s place to convince her to cancel the board meeting.

When he gets to Jean’s house, he immediately notices that Leslie is there and learns that he informed Jean that Ellis had held him, hostage. Jackson, regrettably, realizes Jean is responsible for the chaos and is thinking about taking over his father’s business.

Jackson and Malcolm are on their way to see Barbara, Leslie’s wife. By inviting Barbara to go out with Leslie, they attempt to mend fences between the two of them. She consents to go on the date, however shortly afterwards things start to go bad.

While Barbara stays at home to woo Malcolm, Leslie decides to double down on bringing Ellis down when he arrives at the outdoor dining since Barbara doesn’t show up.

Inside the lab, Ellis believes he has discovered a way to turn the board to his advantage. Shortly after, once Jean presents Leslie to inform the board of what transpired, Leslie claims to have spent a few days with Ellis. A short while later, Jackson tells Anna that he persuaded him not to inform the board and agreed to allow him to stay with them.

Ellis is seen setting a car on fire in front of a house as Jackson delivers a moving speech to the board. In the board room, one of the board members interrupts him and demands a vote because Ellis’s behavior has become chaotic. In the meantime, Ellis returns to the lab, where he believes he has found a solution to the project’s issue.

Ellis enters with the project successfully completed just as Anna tries to stall the board. Later, Ellis turns to face Jean and declares that she has been removed.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Luna share a touching moment as they discuss how they would miss each other if Jackson were to leave. This conversation ends with a kiss. Ruby enters and discovers the two kissing and it’s strangely not odd.

The episode comes to a close with Ellis telling Anna that there won’t be any more drama going forward as we see Ellis stepping away from the burning car.

The Episode Review

The final episode starts off in utter chaos. The situation is dire throughout the episode, which is amazing as it will undoubtedly keep audiences interested.

With a literal and figurative bang, the episode and the season come to an end. By the end of this episode, most of the loose ends have been tied. Ellis has managed to keep his job, fire Jean, and burn her car. A touching moment is added in the midst of the chaos when Jackson and Luna kiss.

If the show is revived for a second season, it’ll be interesting to see what transpires regarding the situation with Ellis burning Jean’s car. It will also be intriguing to see how Jackson and Luna’s situation develops.

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