Unstable – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Roasting For Beginners

Episode 7 of Unstable begins with Leslie throwing a party at Ellis’ house in the middle of the night, disturbing Jackson and Ellis. Jackson requests that Ellis ask Leslie to leave the house, which he does the next morning. Leslie, on the other hand, ends up blackmailing him about the kidnapping and refuses to leave.

Ellis invites Jackson to spend some time with him as a friend, so he drives him to his second job. Jackson steals all of the attention at his second job and makes fun of Ellis, which bothers Ellis.

Anna learns that Jackson told Ruby about her fanfiction after catching Ruby looking for it on her CCTV camera. Following that, Anna writes a new fan fiction and asks Malcolm to give it to her. She purposefully makes Ruby’s character a cow, while making her other coworkers’ characters interesting animals in order to annoy Ruby. Anna’s plan succeeds when Malcolm hands Ruby the fanfiction. Anna then walks in and instructs the scientists to get to work.

Anna and Luna argue in the lab about Anna’s fanfiction names. Malcolm walks in on their argument twice and he ends up telling them the truth about Anna’s actual fanfiction, in which she is adored by everyone.

Meanwhile, Ellis is attempting to seek revenge against Jackson, but he ends up making a ruthless remark about his deceased mother that upsets everyone, especially Jackson.

When Luna and Ruby tell Ellis about their stinky chemical at work, an idea strikes him. He meets Jackson and decides to use the compound in Leslie’s room to persuade him to leave. Unfortunately, Leslie picks up on it and leaves the house while being enraged.

The episode concludes with Anna discovering that Malcolm told Luna and Ruby about her actual fanfiction. Furthermore, Leslie calls Jean and agrees to testify against Ellis in front of the board.

The Episode Review

The episode maintains the usual workplace drama tone while injecting a lot of humor into it. Additionally, a major plot twist has been revealed, which is fitting as we are one episode away from the finale.

We learn that Jean, who poses as Ellis and Jackson’s well-wisher, is actually Ellis’ adversary, and she intends to remove him from his position by informing the board members about the kidnapping incident. It’ll be fascinating to see how the finale resolves this situation.

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