UnPrisoned – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Paige reminds Mal that she has her TED talk on the same day as episode 7 of UnPrisoned begins. Paige tells Mal that her trip to Alabama inspired the subject of her talk, which is “How to fix your picker?” Paige then suggests that she and Mal become Instagram official, to which Mal readily agrees.

Edwin’s friend, Fox, praises him for driving a car from one location to another in what appears to be an illegal arrangement. Edwin tells him that it was only a favor and that he wants to repair his daughter’s roof. After Finn enters the room, they change the subject. Finn asks Edwin to go with him to the card store, which Edwin gladly agrees to.

When Paige returns home, she inquires about Edwin’s cousin Bumpy, whom he had previously met. Paige then tells him about her TED Talk after some pleasantries. She also asks him to help pick out an outfit. He tells her he has to go meet Nadine and she gives Nadine her best.

Edwin confides in Nadine about his frustration with not being able to help Paige. He then tells her that he’ll be able to finally help Paige and Finn.

Paige gets a message from Bill asking to talk to her. Soon after, Edwin convinces her that she may not truly love Mal. After initially defending herself, she agrees with what he says. Edwin then takes Finn to the card store.

Nadine pays Paige a visit to discuss her TED talk. Nadine congratulates her and then gives Paige her locket. Following that, Nadine, too, indirectly makes her aware of her situation with Mal and Bill.

Paige then has sex with Bill in her office before requesting that he leave. Interestingly, when he expresses his desire to be in a real relationship with her, she informs him that she is not interested in unavailable men, referring to him. She then urges him to leave.

Edwin buys Finn a card of his choice at the card store on the condition that he compete with another buyer. After losing the match, Finn is upset and asks Edwin to drive the car home.

Mal sends Paige a video wishing her luck before her big talk. Paige is overcome with guilt because she slept with Bill and because her picker isn’t fixed, her TED talk topic no longer applies to her. Meanwhile, the cops arrest Edwin on the way home.

The Episode Review

The show, and this episode in particular, chooses psychologically related subjects to raise awareness among the audience, but they end up using absurd and immature logic and ways to describe and cope with it. This show is in desperate need of a mental health expert to help them with this aspect of the show.

Another childlike element used in the show – and in this episode in particular – is our protagonist’s child appearing to her and constantly presenting her insecurities. The concept itself is interesting, but it falls flat.

The chapter itself ends with Edwin arrested. With the finale episode coming up, it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

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