Unprisoned – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

It’s About Who You Want To Be

Finn informs Paige about Edwin’s arrest shortly before her TED Talk , as episode 8 of UnPrisoned begins. Paige tells him she’ll call him as soon as her talk ends and then hangs up the phone.

During the TED Talk, Paige begins with her initial subject. However, she ends up talking about her father being arrested and how she owes him nothing.

Edwin’s ghost (her subconscious) haunts her the next morning. She refuses to get Edwin out of jail because she does not owe him anything. Following that, Finn then tries to persuade Paige to release Edwin, but she again refuses to listen to reason. Finn requests to visit Edwin too, but she refuses. Following that, Paige decides to spend her Wednesday spinning.

Finn goes to meet Edwin in jail with Nadine without telling Paige. Meanwhile, Paige tells Etsi that she slept with Bill. She also tells Etsi that her father is in jail. When Etsi tries to persuade her to bail him out, she refuses to listen and continues to complain about him. Thereafter, Paige finds out that her TED Talk went viral.

Paige meets Mal and, after some small talk, confesses to him that she cheated on him with Bill. She goes on to explain why she did it, breaking things off with Mal, claiming that she is not where he is.

Finn returns home with Nadine, and Paige discovers that he met Edwin without telling her. Finn has no regrets when Paige lashes out, while he again goes on to see Paige scold Nadine and request that she leave. Following that, Paige comforts her younger self.

Paige changes her mind and agrees to accompany Finn to bail Edwin out. However, it turns out that Edwin has already been bailed out.

Edwin expresses gratitude to Mal for his assistance. When Edwin asks Mal if he can stay with him for a while, Mal refuses. Following that, Mal blames Edwin for Paige’s error. Edwin has nothing to say and departs after thanking Mal once more.

Edwin goes to the house to gather a few of his belongings. Finn attempts to stop Edwin from leaving, but he refuses to listen. Edwin tells Finn that he needs to work on himself before resuming his relationship with them. Edwin collects his belongings and departs.

Paige approaches Finn and attempts to get along with him, but he dismisses her. Meanwhile, a few men approach Edwin and ask if he needs a lift, but he refuses.

The Episode Review

Our protagonist is difficult to empathize with in the show, and this is something the final episode embodies perfectly. Sure, Paige has been through a lot as a child, but her constant complaining, blaming, and now, even cheating while pretending to have the moral high ground is off-putting.

UnPrisoned attempts to romanticize the blame game, which becomes tiresome after a while, what with Paige blaming her father, Edwin blaming Caucasians, and so on. In the midst of all of this, Finn, the child, is dealing with the consequences of his mother’s questionable parenting, which is heartbreaking to watch.

UnPrisoned may have begun with an intriguing subject, felons attempting to reintegrate into society, but ends on a blame game whimper, which is truly disappointing.

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