Under Ninja – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Boobs: So Close, Yet So Far

Under Ninja Episode 3 begins with Kuro dislocating the opponent group’s leader’s elbow. Shion heads out to help her.

The scene shifts to July 24th when Kuro sets up a bra to lure the boy who attempted to steal it, using his invisibility jacket to wait beside and taze him when he comes by.

The boy wakes up in the presence of Oono, who claims to have found him passed out and accuses him of stealing the bras. Kuro arrives asking if he injured his head while falling. Later, Kuro and Oono question him about his actions.

Just then, Kawado arrives and Kuro introduces the boy as a person who found the bra and came to return it. On his way out, Kuro asks the boy which school he is from and threatens to call the police if he doesn’t do a job for him. Kuro assigns him the task of searching for the foreigner in exchange for a revealing picture of Kawado.

On his way home, the little girl asks him to lend her his drone, and he agrees to do so if she can find the foreigner.

The scene switches to two boys taking a skateboard out of the trash. Kuro calls out to them from behind the wall and offers to trade it for the bra, claiming they will have to make one in the future.

The little girl finds the foreigner and brings him to the room she is living in. The foreigner is surprised to know she is living in a bathroom as the owners aren’t her parents.

Kuro practices skateboarding on the roof and catches Kawado’s attention. She climbs onto the roof with his help along with some alcohol, and they have a conversation. They discuss his life and living conditions, and she advises him to get a job. She also reveals part of her past as her parents have passed away.

She gets up to go to the bathroom and slips. Kuro instantly jumps to grab her and lands on his back. To his surprise, his jacket inflates and turns into an airbag. She quickly runs to call an ambulance, thinking he is gravely injured.

Snapping back to the current time, the other group of girls watch Shion help their leader, wondering what to do. Just then, Suzuki jumps in between with her BB gun and shoots them in the arm and leg, boasting about her skills.

Kato narrates the time when Suzuki went after the foreigner on July 25th. The little girl arrives at the Drone guy’s place with the foreigner, demanding to let them fly the drone. He hands them the drone and contacts Kuro.

Suzuki reviews Yoshida’s writing and appreciates it. However, she points out several changes she would like to make and gets him to rewrite the entire book before leaving. She receives notice about capturing the foreigner.

The bald guy informs Hibi about his first mission at Murayama flats and tells him that anyone who gets in his way is an enemy.

Suzuki jumps up to the balcony of the second floor, and the foreigner instantly pulls out his gun to shoot her but misses. She throws a ninja star which opens up into a net, but the foreigner dodges it and jumps down to the ground floor. She advises the kids to go away while the foreigner uses the drone camera to keep an eye on her.

She uses her invisibility to jump down and kick him before tasering him. He still manages to shoot her down, but the bullet doesn’t penetrate the armor. At the end of Under Ninja Episode 3, Hibi arrives with a flashy entry.

The Episode Review

The series continues to evolve with each new episode, yet it maintains a consistent element: its goofy sense of humor. The reasoning Kuro employed to sell the bra to the kids is genuinely hilarious. Additionally, the clever use of the invisibility jacket to apprehend the boy attempting to steal it adds to the comedic charm of Under Ninja Episode 3.

The invisibility jacket’s functionality in the show is intriguing. It’s designed to conceal only the torso of the ninja, which proves to be a tactical advantage. This strategy aims to deceive opponents who might be targeting vital organs like the heart.

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