Under Ninja – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

I Want to Be a Ninja

Episode 2 of Under Ninja begins with the face-off between Kuro and the member from HLW’s Rear-Enders. He makes her aware that she has been tagged and is ready to be fired at by satellite. Kato discusses the incident of the person cutting off male organs and how he was tackled.

The scene changes to the 23rd of July. A foreigner looks around for a ninja. In the park, Sasama, also known as Mr. Breast Milk, offers the kids breast milk. Foreigner comes across a symbol and poster, which he verifies with his associate. The poster is a warning that a person’s male organ will be cut off if they take a piss on the wall. 

The associate kills a man while bumping into him while still on call. The foreigner concludes that he needs to cut off two or three before a ninja makes contact with him. He intends to save his daughter.

Later that day, Kawado spots Oono peeing at the side of the road and also sees the foreigner. Reaching home, Oono is undressing while Kuro peeks in on him and sees him in a bra. 

Oono claims that on the night his beer went missing he saw a drone flying away with Kawado’s bra and he reached out to snatch it. He claims he saw a boy controlling the drone, which Kuro passes off as a stalker. He then explains that he didn’t return it immediately as he tried it on the same night and then got it washed, claiming it would be weird to return it freshly washed.

The next day, news spread that someone had cut off two people’s male organs and scribbled that he wanted to be a ninja on walls.

Late on July 24th, Sasama pretends to urinate on the wall. Foreigner attempts to snip off his male organ, but Sasama attacks him and begins to run. A chase erupts as Sasama defends himself from Foreigner’s Karambit. Sasama manages to overpower the foreigner, forcing him to use a gun. Sasama turns his torso invisible and runs away.

On the same day, 8 hours prior, Kato walks in while Kuro was wearing a bra. Kato notices the tag on the jacket Kuro has received and goes on to take updates on Kuro’s job.  He asks him if he has heard about Nerima Slasher and offers him a job to get rid of him.

The face-off continues, and Kuro uses his jacket to make his upper body invisible. The fight begins, and he manages to defeat her.

On July 25, a little girl looks for a foreigner. Sasama makes conversation with her and offers her breast milk. She quickly runs away and finds him hiding under a shrine. She tries to brighten up his mood, and she brings him water. He tells her about his daughter, claiming he might not see her again as he failed his mission. 

Later, Kato meets up with Sasama and questions him about stepping down. Sasama claims it was due to the never-ending fight at Timbuktu. He criticizes that the prime minister hasn’t made use of his priority command and that the militarized organization of their size isn’t under government control.

Kato responds by saying UN. Leaves storm into the place, followed by the disappearance of Sasama at the end of Under Ninja episode 2.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Under Ninja dives further into the confusion with a constant back and forth along the timeline. The essence of something larger radiates from the progress of the story, however, the episode doesn’t provide enough to connect the dots.

The comedy elements of the episode are quite absurd, to say the least. A guy wearing a bra? A guy extracting breast milk from his own and offering it to children? It supposedly appeals to a certain audience.

The storyline is however still intriguing and has the potential to create something marvelous and this is something to look forward to.

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