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Episode 8 of Undercover Season 2 begins with Bob called away by Nick who shows him the audio footage he’s been sent. He warns that someone is watching them and brings up the fact Ferry’s trial is 3 days away. He knows the timing of this can’t be a coincidence.

Sensing his colleague is hiding something, Nick tells Bob he can open up and talk. He even brings up the reason why Kim retired from the undercover operation in the first place. He thanks him but declines the offer for now, hitting the road once ore.

Nathalie rings Bob and tells him – through a crackled, broken connection – that Laurent has woken up. She asks for help but every time he tries to ring back, it goes straight to voicemail. Instead, he rings Nick and tells him what’s happened with Nathalie.

Bob returns to the safehouse to find Victor half naked – Enrico’s idea to prevent him from running away. With no signal out in this secluded spot, Bob relieves Enrico of his duty and takes Victor with him out on the road.

Finally receiving signal again, Ferry rings Bob and gives him an ultimatum. With nowhere else to turn, he’s forced to ring Kris and find Danielle’s location. Because of this, he forces Victor into the trunk given how dangerous it’ll be at the pit-stop he’s intending to take. This pit-stop sees him head up to the ranch.

Bob tries to find Nathalie but she’s nowhere to be seen. Thanks to the hired help on the grounds, the woman there confirms that JP drove off with Nathalie in the car. Apparently, they’ve gone to see Laurent who’s back home now.

Bob races up and makes it to the house. There, he convinces Vinnie to let him into the family home. He starts looking around and becomes alarmed when he finds spatters of blood on the floor. Thankfully, Nathalie turns up alive and well but apparently she’s been kept under close observation by the family this entire time.

With all the family gathered, Bob learns that Laurent has brain damage and he’s paralyzed, meaning he’s unable to speak. Yvette thanks Bob for coming and convinces him to head upstairs and visit Laurent while he’s in bed. He does just this… right at the exact same moment he receives a message from home. Marc is on his way to see Polly.

Bob heads into the bedroom where Laurent’s pulse races when he sees Bob’s face. He remains poker-faced though and eventually tells Yvette he needs to leave.

On his way out, he tells JP that he found a wire in his car and believes it was the cops. Only, JP has an issue of his own. It turns out the stables have CCTV footage with sound and he’s getting his men to check it out to see if that brings up any answers.

With Bob pulled in multiple directions, Victor forces his way out the trunk to vomit by the side of the road. It turns out he gets pretty badly car-sick and demands Bob not keep him there any more. His pleas are in vain, at least for now, as he races up to see Polly. Liesbeth refuses to let him in though – especially after forcing their daughter to lie about what happened at the camp site.

As Bob becomes more exasperated, he instead turns his attention to Danielle, who he eventually finds after taking Victor out the trunk. He tells her that Ferry sent him and after threatening Polly, it’s the least she can do to help him.

With two passengers to deal with, Bob watches as time ticks relentlessly by. Victor is convinced there is no CCTV though and it’s just a ploy to bring him out in the open. Bob is not taking any chances with that though and heads back to the ranch.

He forces Danielle out the car to join him under the pretense of helping to avenge Kim. He admits the truth to her, revealing that Kim quit because of her and how the job was mentally taxing.

It’s enough to spur her own, as the pair head into the ranch together and look around for the CCTV. Bob comes up empty-handed though but becomes even more paranoid when he finds out his red lighter from the glove compartment has gone.

He immediately suspects Victor and starts thoroughly searching him. When he fails to find it, the pair sit together and wait as Danielle heads into the prison to see Bouman.

As she sits in the visitor centre, Bouman sits opposite her and demands the truth. He wants to know whether she was involved with Kim or not.

Eventually she admits the truth to him and heads out of prison broken and beaten – at least mentally. She berates Bob for what he and Bouman have put her through and decides to head home alone.

Bob receives a call from Polly on the road and reveals she’s told the truth to Marc and told him about the phone. Only, she kept quiet about the audio file and what happened with John – a thin sliver of hope for him to cling to.

Bob tells her how proud he is and promises he’ll see her soon. This tiny relapse of concentration sees Victor run away into the woods and blindside Bob when he goes lookng, eventually knocking him out.

When Bob awakens – a second time, the first is a dream sequence – he finds himself alone with the red lighter sticking out the ground in his line of sight. As Bob stumbles back to the road, he finds his car gone too.

Forced to swallow his pride, Bob phones Nick and tells him he’s messed up, presumably about to reveal everything.

The Episode Review

Everything is starting to fall apart for Bob now, as his constant stretching to please everyone sees him snap and break. Victor double-crossing Bob is perhaps pretty obvious and given how thorough he’s been watching Victor all this time, it’s a bit contrived that he takes his eye off the prize at that exact moment.

However, the red lighter is the key here and it’s obvious Victor snatched this up and then decided to use this to burn away his binds and break free.

The show continues to deliver up pretty good drama though, although the convenient coma Laurent is currently in may not last – especially if he starts to regain his motor functions.

With things starting to pick up in pace a little, the show sets things up nicely for a dramatic couple of episodes to come. Quite what will happen next though, remains to be seen.

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