Undercover – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review


Episode 9 of Undercover Season 2 begins with  Bob accompanied by several masked guards all wearing balaclavas. When they head up the elevator, in the room adjacent happens to be Nick and Marc. Removing his mask, he prepares for what’s to follow.

We then cut back 2 days earlier. Bob phones Nathalie and tells her she won’t hear from him for a while. He tells her she’s done an amazing job as police sirens wail in the distance. Eventually, Bob’s picked up by the side of the road and taken in for questioning.

With the conversation recorded, Bob reveals all. He goes on to reveal the truth about Ferry and the audio recording. On the back of this, Nick is reluctant about keeping a crooked cop on their payroll. Marc meanwhile decides to essentially sweep that under the rug for now until they resolve their own problems.

When JP rings Bob’s phone, they make a point of ignoring his calls until they’re back with Bob again. With Nick listening, JP berates Bob for his change in plans. Laurent happens to be listening though and he begins moving while he’s in bed, eventually knocking a spoon on the floor.

In order to catch JP in the act, the police are going to need Nathalie – and that means a quick phone call to tell her they need to meet. That meeting (with Nick this time, not Bob) includes a new mission for her to undertake.

She needs to get the phone JP uses to do business so they can track it. They either need a serial number or the SIM number in order to do that, putting her in a precarious position.

Bob meanwhile is briefed on his next steps. Marc wants him to lie in court and promises protection for his family when he does. Things should be okay for them if Laurent doesn’t talk… but that could all come undone given Laurent continues to stir.

Back at the Berger household, Nathalie manages to send the picture of the SIM card. While she does, Laurent is given a pen upstairs by the workers at the ranch and he begins writing. Only it’s short-lived when it’s taken off him but he does manage to scribble down an “S”.

Patrick’s raid goes awry when he realizes there’s no weapons inside the warehouse. That means grabbing Bob and getting him involved in this, right on the eve of Ferry’s trial in court.

This catches us up to the moments at the start of the episode as Bob is brought into an adjacent room to the court-house. He needs to lie in court given the Berger case is slipping through their fingers. Patrick even uses Nathalie as a means of encouraging him to do this.

With Bob under oath, he lies and contradicts Danielle’s statement. Nick is obviously not happy while Patrick brings Bob back onboard for the next stage of the operation. That includes phoning JP and arranging for a meeting to take place the following day.

Meanwhile, Danielle visits Bouman in prison who promises to fight back and that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him. Bouman thanks her and reveals that he’s made peace with what happened between his wife and Kim. She apologizes and tells him she loves him, as the two emotionally embrace.

Back at the Berger household, JP tells his brother that he’s going ahead with the deal. Only, he continues to blink twice meaning no. Through his single blinks, JP learns Bob is a cop and that Nathalie is involved in the accident. Oh no.

The Episode Review

With a pretty well edited episode, Undercover teases a compelling scene to open and then spends much of its early run-time getting us up to scratch on that moment. It’s a slick sequence and there’s definitely a fair amount of tension here as Bob is forced to choose between telling the truth or lying.

That’s to say nothing of the current situation befalling the Berger’s and with Laurent now communicating through blinks, everything could be coming undone.

Because of this though, the series does take some liberties with the script. What happened to Victor and the car? Where is he? What about Enrico? There’s some holes starting to open up now, and that’s before mentioning the skewed motivations of the officers too.

There’s also a constant niggling feeling that this one could have been a lot stronger – especially given how under-utilized Bouman has been this season. Still, the finale is up next and anything could happen.

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