Undercover – Episode 2 “Highly Sensitive” Recap & Review


The Plot Thickens

Undercover returns with its second episode, beginning with Ferry and John driving in an empty ditch to burn a trailer before leaving soon after. The police that were watching and following them try to find evidence in the burnt trailer, puzzled over quite why they burnt it in the first place.

They don’t have to wait for long though, and from afar, John takes pictures of all the policemen on the scene to give to Walter, determined to find out who they are. It turns out they only burnt the trailer to try and suss out who was on their tail. It seems to work too, as Walter recognizes one of the men in the picture who happens to be the drug enforcement chief. Ferry then tells Walter that something needs to be done about it.

Three weeks have passed since Bob and Kim started their undercover operation but so far they have nothing to report . They are now under more pressure to get information about Ferry and his accomplices too so they end up spending time with Jurgen, his wife, their daughter and Danielle at the fair. They seem to bond but Danielle, who still doesn’t seem happy, ends up leaving them to go back to the camping site.

At the police station, Walter tries to get some information from Marc so he invites him out for a drink. They talk about their past cases and Walter tries to find out what Marc is currently working on. Marc tells him about the case and Ferry Bouman. Walter asks if there are any undercover cops involved but suspicious of his blunt question, Marc lies and tells him there aren’t any.

At the club, Jurgen is flirting with Kim which angers Bob. They end up in a fight which results in Bob getting thrown out the club. Kim and Bob then meet Nick to discuss the night’s events before telling him they need to concentrate on their relationship with Danielle instead.

Walter explains to John and Ferry that the police know about them because of the dealer that was arrested previously. He tells them he thinks the police will not get very far with the case as they don’t have the budget needed for the operation. However, Ferry threatens Walter and tells him he needs to be certain this will be the case, tasking Walter to find out more.

Back at the police station, they notice that all of Ferry’s cars are heading to same place, Cologne in Germany. Unfortunately, when they reach the cars’ location, they find them all on a truck on the way to Poland.

Back home, Bob’s real wife is not very happy about her husband’s situation. She can see he’s been involved in a fight and she worries about him, clueless over where he goes during the day. Ferry and his accomplices then meet, discussing how they all need to be more careful now that the police are watching their operation. He also explains that Remco is missing so he chooses Denis to replace him at the lab which doesn’t go down well with Jurgen. Ferry tells him he didn’t choose him because of his impulsiveness which manages to soften the blow a little, at least for now.

The planned crash then happens, leading Kim to come to the rescue. Unfortunately Danielle’s dog runs away in the process and as she tries to go after him, she gets run over by a car. Kim calls Bob for help and she thinks if they find the dog, this will solidify their relationship with Danielle and, in turn, Ferry so they both look for the dog in the forest. After some time they finally find the dog and bring him back to a very grateful Danielle.

Ferry then takes Bob outside and tells him he’s not happy about what’s happening between him and Jurgen. He warns him and advises that it would be best if they left the camping site. The episode ends with Bob going outside to check on the fuse box and Jurgen hitting him.

Although the action does dip a little for this follow-up episode, Undercover has enough intrigue to keep you watching to find out what happens next. The characters are interesting enough to keep you hooked and the way things are left hanging certainly leaves things on an interesting note going forward.


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