Undercover – Episode 3 “Italian Designer Drugs” Recap & Review


Beer, Football and Drugs

Back for another episode, Undercover returns with Jurgen beating up Bob with a baseball bat. As things start getting serious, Ferry arrives just in time to stop him.

At the hospital, Bob sees a cyclist that has been killed in a hit and run and decides to frame Jurgen by breaking his windscreen and putting the cyclist’s blood all over it. The next morning, Jurgen panics when he sees the blood and broken windscreen. Ferry confronts him, asking if he did it but Jurgen doesn’t remember.

Bob then offers his help to Ferry and tells him he has someone that can help him instead. John and Ferry then decide to meet Bob at the salvage yard, the place they’ll be getting rid of Jurgen’s car. After destroying the evidence, Ferry asks Bob what he wants in return and he replies nothing, advising him they’re now even.

Bob and Kim then meet with Nick again. Bob explains that he doesn’t want to work with Kim anymore because of the way she has been behaving with Jurgen. Just as Kim is about to leave, Danielle calls her over, asking if they have really left the camping site. She pretends she had a fight with Bob and also thinks she may be pregnant so Danielle invites her over. This leads on to Ferry and John meeting with a new client, Gino Maldini, to discuss a drug deal.

Kim and Danielle then drink and bond while talking about each other’s relationships. As they start to open up to one another, Ferry arrives and asks Kim questions about Bob’s job. Kim explains that he travels a lot as he imports precious stones but remains vague about the details, causing Ferry to become intrigued about what Bob does exactly.

Ferry and John then go to a football match Bob is also attending which appears to be a ruse to get closer to Ferry. They meet at the bar for a drink and nearly get into a fight with someone who steals their beers. Jurgen then meets Gino to sell him some drugs but Gino tells him he will pay in a week.

Ferry then confronts Bob, telling him he doesn’t believe that he only sells precious stones. Realizing he needs a way out of the situation, Bob convinces him that he also brings other “merchandise” from his travels but Ferry still doesn’t trust him. In the car park, a drunk Ferry beats up the man who stole their beers from the bar. Before he can do any lasting damage though, Bob comes to his rescue and brings him back home. While Ferry and Danielle are distracted, Kim manages to steal Ferry’s mobile phone and take pictures of the SIM cards.

Bob and Kim then meet with Nick to give him the pictures but unfortunately, John is watching them from outside. At this point, Jurgen tells John he thinks Bob may be a cop and John tells him he will check this with Walter. They then meet with Gino and tell him he needs to pay up. Gino pleads with them, promising he will have money soon and tells them he will order even more for his client, refusing to tell them who he is.

John then comes back with a petrol can and pours it all over Gino, threatening to ignite him. With the threat of being burnt alive, Gino finally gives them a name – Bastian Gerlach. Upon receiving this news, they then ask for a meeting with him. However, just before they leave, as Jurgen decides to take a lot of designer clothes as payment for the drugs, he accidentally drops his lighter and Gino catches on fire.

Ferry then shows up at Bob’s work, apologizing about the night before. As a way to try and sweeten the tension between them, he offers a lot of designer clothes from Gino’s shop for him to sell. The episode then ends with John meeting Walter, revealing he has some information about Bob which leaves things hanging in the balance going forward.

For the most part, Undercover continues to deliver an entertaining but largely formulaic episode. While the characters are engaging enough and the drama just starting to heat up, the show feels a little too familiar for its own good. There’s still enough intrigue here to keep you watching though and quite where this is likely to go in the future is still up for debate, keeping you hooked long enough to watch through to the next episode.


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