Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Crimson Bullet

Episode 14 of Undead Unluck begins with Chikara using his Unmove abilities to help Andy and Fuko deal with Unrepair and Latla. Unrepair analyzes his and Latla’s situation, Chikara’s abilities, and Andy’s attacking methods. Additionally, Unrepair notes a flaw in Chikara’s abilities. With great teamwork, Andy’s Parts-Bullet attack hits Latla. Unrepair retaliates with an attack of his own, enticing Andy to warn his comrades about it. 

Unrepair acknowledges Chikara’s cowardice is his greatest flaw. He states it prevents him from having control over his ability’s activation process. Unrepair attacks them again, but Chikara stops his attack in its tracks. Although Andy’s unsure and mildly worried about Latla’s abilities, he’s banking on Fuko’s Unluck powers to aid them in this fight. Tatiana uses her powers to get Andy and his allies closer to Unrepair. 

After Andy and Unrepair clash via ranged attacks, Andy has Fuko kiss him to activate her Unluck powers. Andy warns Chikara that a meteor will be heading his way soon. Although Andy’s worried about Latla’s powers, he tells Chikara he’s counting on his powers to assist him in defeating these Negator Hunters. The meteor arrives but thanks to Latla’s powers, Unrepair and Latla avoid it. The meteor crashes into the ocean and Fuko tells Tatiana to support Andy. 

Unrepair and Latla head in Chikara and Fuko’s direction. Chikara stops the two in their tracks and explains how this was a part of Andy’s plan. Andy shoots Unrepair through his chest with a Crimson Bullet, to Unrepair’s shock. Realizing they’re in a pickle, Latla summons a killer whale and hopes her other comrades are inside it. Before they retreat, Fuko demands that Latla explain their origins and goals to her and her comrades. 

Layla says Fuko should ask Unrepair those questions next time they meet, alluding to the fact that he’ll be okay. The Negator Hunters flee and Tatiana asks Fuko if she’s okay. Andy says Unrepair’s abilities should be deactivated now, meaning they should all be safe and sound. The narrator goes into detail about Andy’s plan and how he managed to pull it off. Then, Andy thanks Fuko, Tatiana, and Chikara for their help during the fight. 

Fuko asks Chikara if he’d like to join the Union and asks Andy and Tatiana if they keep Chikara a secret from the other members. Andy and Tatiana promise Fuko to keep Chikara under wraps. Andy insists they give Chikara a week to make a decision. A week flies by and we see Andy and Fuko waiting at Chikara’s school’s gate location. The two wonder if Chikara will show up or not. The episode closes with Unrepair arriving at the scene in a de-aged state to Fuko’s shock. 

The Episode Review

After the whole Hulu debacle involving episode 13’s release, it appears we’re back on track regarding this series’s release schedule. That strange occurrence aside, episode 14 of Undead Unluck carries mixed baggage. While the battle between our heroes, Unrepair, and Latla was exciting to watch from a visual standpoint, the pacing and way this episode’s events were structured were off-putting. 

From its explanatory-heavy segments to the placement of particular scenes, the layout for this episode wasn’t up to snuff. Essentially, prior episodes flowed smoother and were formatted better in comparison. Hopefully, episode 15 won’t fall victim to the errors made in this chapter. On the other hand, fans will value seeing Andy, Fuko, and the others demonstrate proper teamwork to defeat their foes. 

From Chikara’s useful time-stopping powers to Andy’s encouraging remarks, you’ll love the careful coordination on display here. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of Chikara’s character since he’ll serve the Union well as a team player. Overall, this was a fine episode of Undead Unluck that could’ve used more time to cook in David Productions’s oven. 

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