Typewriter – Season 1 Finale: Episode 5 “Night of the Blood Moon” Recap & Review


The Final Fight

The finale to Season 1 of Typewriter proves one thing – this is a show intended to run across multiple seasons. We begin in the past with Jenny playing on the typewriter, but her fingers get stuck. As she struggles to break free, blood is spilled, giving it more life.

In the present, Jenny can’t find the typewriter so she decides to visit Sam. She tells him about what happened the night before. Sam explains how Fakeer is stuck inside and how a ghost can be invoked with someone’s blood. They decide to go and visit Doctor Spirit for some help but he dismisses them. After they leave, we see that it is in fact the Doctor that took the typewriter.

Roy then meets with the Doctor who refuses to give it to him as he wants to be rewarded by Fakeer. He tries to stab him but Roy gets the better of the skirmish and turns the weapon against the Doctor, killing him in the process.

Jenny and Sam then make their way to Moses who they convince to speak to the police about everything he knows. This prompts Ravi to pay a visit to Roy. There he finds the typewriter and as he confronts him, Roy punches him and runs away, typewriter in his grip. However, Ravi goes after him and after some fumbling in a van, he manages to wrestle it free.

Back at the villa, Jenny looks at the wooden doll Moses gave her, the same one she gave to him when she was a little girl. She then takes one of the old newspaper clippings and realizes that it looks just like the Fakeer.

After the kids try to convince Bunty’s father not to send him away to boarding school, they decide to go on another ghost mission which is, of course, to find the ghost of Sultanpore. They manage to take the typewriter from the station and make their way to the villa.

Jenny goes to see Moses again but unfortunately Roy arrives demanding to know where the Fakeer is. Jenny tells him she has the doll in her house, but this doesn’t stop Roy from killing Moses.

The kids arrive at the house soon after with the typewriter and are met by doppelganger Jenny who almost kills Sam. The real Jenny arrives just in time to stop her. However, Roy is not far behind, demanding to see the doll. The moon suddenly turns red and Roy invokes Fakeer. Evil Jenny also reveals she was born when she spilled blood on the typewriter and that the Fakeer wrote his story through her. It also was her that killer her mother. The kids manage to cleverly stop the incantation by creating a diversion. Sam then manages to run away with the typewriter while Ravi and Roy come to blows and the two Jennys have a fight of their own.

The kids then try to destroy the typewriter but are unable to. Just as Roy approaches, ready to take it from them, Ravi arrives and run him over. While all this takes place, the evil Jenny manages to push good Jenny through the window where she ends up hanging dangerously. Ravi decides to put the typewriter in the back of the car and send it over the cliff before setting fire to it. Roy goes after it, plunging to his death. As the car explodes, evil Jenny disappears as well.

The next day, Jenny sets fire to the doll who takes life in front of her. After destroying it, her husband arrives and we see the kids at hospital visiting Moses who has survived. The episode ends with Roy, still alive, begging Fakeer to take his soul next to a melted typewriter. As he drips his blood onto it, it comes back to life, killing Roy in the process.

Typewriter delivers a good, tense finale, answering most of the questions despite feeling a bit rushed and with a lack of development for some of the characters. Having a gang of misfit kids coming together to fight evil is something that people enjoy watching, especially in Stranger things where it is so well executed. However, here it feels like they could have fleshed out the individual stories of each of the kids a bit more. Although it is worth noting that Sam has remained the strongest character throughout and the young actress does a good job portraying her personality.

Typewriter finishes with an unnecessary cliffhanger. It’s a shame too as the show has been quite entertaining, not the best Netflix has to offer, but still entertaining throughout. Whether this gets renewed for a second season remains to be seen but there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable Indian horror nonetheless.


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