Typewriter – Episode 4 “The Rise of the Fakeer” Recap & Review


The Past

Episode 4 of Typewriter starts in the past just like the previous one, but this time in Porvorim in 1982. A woman called Mala walks by a strange man before calling the police and telling them she believes she just saw the Fakeer, a mass murderer. While the strange man works out when the next blood moon is, Mala decides to go into his house to talk to him. He starts to talk to people around him but she doesn’t see anyone however she notices a tattoo on his arm, the same one as Charu’s son.

Realizing she’s in danger, she tries to run away but the Fakeer kills her in the same usual fashion, telepathically squeezing her heart. The police arrive and storm in, trying to stop him. As he almost manages to get rid of them, his wife tells the chief of police to cover his eyes as the eyes are his window to their soul. They later find all the bodies of the missing people in his cellar.

In the present, discord grows in the gang as they find out that Bunty’s dad wants to put him in a different school while Nick arrives to confront Sam about accusing his mum of being a ghost.

While Jenny finally finds her Nanny in Palolem, Sam decides to go and see Moses to get her book back. Simultaneously, they find out about Madhav and what has happened all those years ago. Madhav had run out of ideas for his latest book and needed a good ghost story which lead him to find out more about the criminal Fakeer, and to visit him in prison with his typewriter.

Madhav explained to Fakeer that he’s writing a ghost story and Fakeer reveals that he can’t be killed and will rule the world. The Fakeer agreed to tell his story in exchange for a piece of wood. We then see Fakeer sculpting the wood into a man-shaped doll. One day, Madhav wanted to take Jenny to prison but her mum, Carol, refused, threatening to kill herself if he did.

Back at the prison, Fakeer told Madhav that when someone dies of an unnatural death their soul either becomes trapped into an object or tries to get back into their body. After Fakeer was hung, Madhav had the police bring his corpse to him as he was curious to see if his soul would try to re-enter his body. Suddenly, Fakeer came to and attacked the policeman. Madhav hit him with the typewriter which also caused the policeman to accidentally shoot Moses in the leg. The Nanny tells Jenny that a few days later her mum died, and she warns her about the house.

While the police come to the conclusion that Carol was probably pushed, the kids realize that the Fakeer is trapped in the typewriter. They then decide to seek help from Doctor Spirit. Back at the mansion, Jenny wakes up to the sound of the typewriter. She slowly walks towards it but as she reaches the office, the sound stops and she finds herself face to face with her doppelganger, who tells her that she is her and she is the one she’s always wanted to be.

In the penultimate episode, the story unfolds further and questions are answered thanks to more flashbacks into the Fakeer’s past. While these scenes do well to set the stage for the finale, it does feel that more time should have also been spent in the present. It would have been nice to see more of the gang together or some development into the secondary characters’ stories but what’s here is enough to help flesh out more of the backstory to the mystery.

With just one episode to go, Typewriter sets its sights on a dramatic finale to come after a reasonably decent history lesson in this episode.


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