Two (Dos) Ending Explained – So who actually kidnapped Sara and David?

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Two (Dos) Plot Synopsis

A man and a woman awaken to find themselves surgically attached at the abdomen. They’re both naked and have no idea who the other is, making this “experiment” that much more difficult to decipher.

Across the course of 70 minutes, these two strangers do their best to piece together what’s happening, trying to escape their predicament.

Who are these two strangers?

Across the movie, we slowly get to know who these two people actually are. The male, David, is actually an escort. He was paid 8000 euros to hook up with this woman, who happens to be called Sara.

Now, Sara has a needle mark on her hand (hinting that she’s been injected with a sedative) while she also eerily wears earrings that don’t belong to her.

After initially lying about her age, it’s revealed that both David and Sara are 38. The pair don’t have a whole lot in common beyond that, but Sara discloses that she’s married to husband Mario. She believes Mario is behind this, convinced that he paid off David to sleep with her.

It certainly adds up, as we learn that he’s a controlling individual, having previously blocked all of her cards and has a history of physical violence.

Who has really taken Sara and David?

It turns out the whole Mario shindig was actually a switch and bait. Mario isn’t behind this after all. At least not on the surface anyway (more on that later on)

Now, the film does get a bit hazy with its details so we’ll do our best to try and fill in the blanks here, using the clues we’ve got across the run-time.

David and Sara realize that every time they kiss, the lights shut off. So naturally, they take it one step further and decide to have sex (ignoring the fact this sewn abdomen keeps moving places as the film progresses.)

When the lights come back on, a strange man appears, seemingly impersonating Sara’s husband. Only, it’s not him. It turns out this man is actually a paranoid schizophrenic, and he’s dead-set on bringing his children together.

Why has this man taken Sara and David?

Earlier in the movie we see a picture in one of the drawers showing a woman named Rita. This happens to be Sara’s mother, who actually died giving birth… to Siamese twins. Yes, it turns out David and Sara are actually siblings, separated by surgery after birth. Twins who have just… had sex. Oh god, make this nightmare stop.

Anyway, we’re not done yet. Numerous newspaper clippings strewn up on the walls and across the desk continue to hint at what their father’s plan was all along. A separate room with caged dogs shows a gnarly, grotesque scene where surgeries have been conducted to try and sew them together.

Their deranged father was inspired by the Bunker twins, Siamese-American conjoined twins whose fame actually coined the term “Siamese Twins”.

How does Two (Dos) end?

The twins’ crazed father believes that sewing his kids back together again will make them stronger. This was also foreshadowed halfway through the film, with David asking Sara where her scar is relating to surgery earlier in life. Dear ol’ dad believes in this so vehemently, he even has a number 2 tattooed on his neck.

Sara brandishes a gun and after a big altercation between the trio, she fires, hitting their father and also wounding David. With David in a rough way, Sara uses a letter opener (which David sharpens) to break their stitches. Once free, Sara finds her way out and attempts to find help. Only, there’s one more twist.

It turns out the pair are actually in the middle of nowhere. Snow blankets the ground, an icy wind whips round our naked protagonist and she eventually collapses. It’s a combined effort of blood loss, fatigue and the extreme cold.

As David bleeds out too, he turn and sees their father let out his last maniacal speech. He claims that together the kids are perfect but individually they’re weak.

Both David and Sara die, cutting to show the two side of the Ying and Yang symbol.

The Loose Ends & The Number 2

Okay, there are a lot of loose ends and contrivances in this story, so take some of this with a pinch of salt. Two (Dos) is very clearly an artistic project and one with a recurring motif of the number 2. There are two glasses on the desk; two pictures on the wall; two (questionably included) instances of our protagonists urinating; and two attempts to try and break their stitches.

This, of course, eventually links back to the main message of the movie surrounding the Siamese twins which would bring two people to become one.

So how did the pair end up in the middle of nowhere? Well, it would appear that their father drugged them both (the needle mark on Sara’s hand) and bundled them in a car, driving up to the middle of the wilderness.

A secluded spot like that would be perfect to conduct all the experiments. How does he get funding for this though? How does this old man have the strength to move these two? And what about the technical equipment?

It’s not explicitly stated and this could be a bit of a reach but it may be that Sara’s husband is liaising with their father. We already know he has a lot of money and is controlling, so it would make sense that he’s decided to team up and fund this little experiment; a perfect swan song to gain revenge on his wife and make her life a misery after perceiving her to be cheating on him.

Of course, take some of these ideas (especially in the above speculative three paragraphs!) with a pinch of salt. But please do let us know if you have any alternate theories regarding this one.


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  2. I am finding it difficult to comprehend that David and Sara were born attached and separated at birth and are not known as brother and sister to each other. Any thoughts?

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