True to Love (Bo-ra! Deborah) – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Shall We?

Episode 7 of True To Love begins in Sang-jin’s office where Bo-ra has just arrived. Sang-jin gets drinks for all of them and asks Bo-ra why she rejected the book earlier. Internally, Bo-ra decides she must not look too desperate for the deal. She flatters Sang-jin by saying it was his contract and his words that convinced her to take the deal.

As Sang-jin thinks it over, Su-hyeok notices beads of sweat running down Bo-ra’s face. Sang-jin asks for a rain check, and she tries arguing that this low time in her life is when the best ideas will come forth. When he asks her about these creative ideas, she uses some over the top demonstrations to ultimately say that she will give advice on how to deal with the aftermath of a breakup. They agree to the idea and even sign the contract. Afterwards, she requests a private word with Sang-jin.

Later on, Bo-ra joins the team at Jinlee Publishing at their staff dinner to show her social skills. She claims she sold her soul to the devil and we flashback to earlier when Bo-ra painstakingly asked Sang-jin for an advance on her payment.

At present, Su-hyeok reveals that Sang-jin was actually just as desperate as her and if she’d waited she would have gotten a better deal.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group plays a game where they speak casually to Sang-jin, unintentionally offending him. After they leave, Su-hyeok waits for Bo-ra, who had fallen asleep, to wake up. She does and orders more beer. Referring to her creative ideas earlier, he asks her what her plan is to make her ex beg for her love again. She says the first step is analysing the cause of defeat — in her case, the fact that her feelings were stronger. Su-hyeok then tells her the reason for his break-up. She hears him out and claims that he didn’t love the girl enough to swallow his pride and tell her about his feelings.

On the way home, a drunk Bo-ra drags them both on a bus thinking they live in the same area. She loudly rants about men wanting younger women and later falls asleep on Su-hyeok’s shoulder. When she wakes up, she wants to pee, so they get off the bus and Bo-ra goes behind a car. Unfortunately, it flows down the sloping road to where Su-hyeok’s standing. In the morning, Bo-ra wakes up and is horrified when she remembers the events of the previous night.

At Jinlee, Sang-jin goes off on everyone for their comments at the staff dinner. He even tries to pretend-yell at Su-hyeok for walking in late but it doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Bo-ra can’t forget her embarrassing moment from the previous night. She confesses to Yu-jeong, who laughs her head off but tells her to move on. Just then, Bo-ra gets a call from Su-hyeok and texts him that she’s unavailable. He replies that he had called about their upcoming meeting.

Yang Jin-ho, now working at Jin-woo’s coffee bar, then approaches Bo-ra for advice on his situation with Bo-mi. Of course, Bo-ra doesn’t know it’s her. In a bid to stop Jin-ho from texting a girl who doesn’t want to be texted, Bo-ra tells him to trust destiny and not do anything.

We then find out that Jin-ho is living at Yu-jeong’s house in Jin-woo’s hidden man cave. Jin-woo promises to tell Yu-jeong about it all when she’s in a good mood.

Moving out day arrives and Bo-ra bids her apartment goodbye. The sisters arrive at the new apartment and begin to set it up. Yu-jeong calls Bo-ra and they discuss her new house as Yu-jeong looks at the photograph of a bag in a magazine. Yu-jeong suddenly has a realisation.

Jin-woo comes home to see Yu-jeong has set up a fancy dinner for them, she claims it is the day they bought their first matching shirts. She even bought herself a bag as a present. She tries to pass it off as a knock off but that sets Jin-woo off, he wants her to have the real thing. In the ensuing argument, she reveals that it is the branded purse and she bought it for herself.

Jin-woo then showers her with words of support and compliments to pacify her. Because she was so happy, Jin-ho asks Jin-woo if he told her about their situation but he admits he couldn’t ruin her happiness.

Bo-mi heads out to meet the buyer from Young Radish and is annoyed to see Jin-ho there. He tries convincing her that they’re destined and that if they bump into each other again, she should date him.

Su-hyeok meanwhile has kept trying to schedule meetings with Bo-ra but she offered up one excuse after another. This time, he suggests a video call instead. They start the call and Bo-ra pretends to have pulled a muscle in her neck. It works but the arrival of Yu-jeong and Bo-mi ruins it for her as they speak to Su-hyeok and even invite him to their impromptu housewarming party.

The Episode Review

A light and breezy episode that doesn’t have a lot of major plot development but is still an enjoyable watch. There are a lot of little moments that are funny or wholesome or just amusing. All of the characters are likeable and the lack of Ju-won on screen definitely feels good.

It’s great to see a post-breakup version of Bo-ra who is starting to look out for herself again as well as her burgeoning friendship with Su-hyeok. At the beginning of the show, I’d assumed the two would share a dislike for each other and engage in constant bickering. What we’ve got instead is a situation where Bo-ra somehow always is indebted to Su-hyeok or embarrasses herself in front of him. Su-hyeok himself comes across as gentle and kind if a bit opinionated. Going ahead, their relationship should get even more interesting. Overall, a fun episode!

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