True to Love (Bo-ra! Deborah) – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

I Will Survive in This Beautiful Breeze

We pick back up in episode 6 of True To Love with Su-hyeok bringing Bo-ra a hot drink from a grocery store. She’s in his car, curled under a blanket and still a mess of tears. He tries telling her off but it just makes her more upset. He drops her home and she stumbles inside, going straight to the bathroom to throw up.

Back in Bo-ra’s apartment, Bo-mi realises she’s been in the shower too long and rushes to open the door. She finds Bo-ra bent over in the tub and panics but the red stain all over Bo-ra is just wine. Bo-ra breaks out of her reverie and comforts Bo-mi, assuring her that she’s fine.

Bo-ra admits she did think about never waking up but she realised she didn’t want her tombstone to read that she was sad, drunk and clingy.  At that moment, her hand touches the bottom of the tub. She feels the ground and realizes that the only way to go is up.

In the morning, a refreshed Bo-ra visits the doctor who tells her she’s got alcoholic gastritis. She’s happy to hear that it’s not a cold. She sends Su-hyeok a kind message and tells him they should never see each other again, for real this time.

Later, the sisters see the potted plant in Bo-ra’s house that had nearly died is now sprouting a new shoot. They clean the house up together. Bo-ra throws away all the things related to her relationship. She gives the bags to Bo-mi and tells her to throw them out.

Su-hyeok paces in front of the jewellery store. Finally, he goes in, presents the ring and asks for a refund. When she asks for a reason, he admits he was dumped. The employee refuses to take the ring back anyway as they have a no refund policy for diamonds.

At Jinlee Publishing, U-ri is moving a heavy container of water. She refuses Sang-jin’s help but then the whole thing topples over.

Sang-jin goes for lunch with his employees and orders food for them. When he realises he forgot his phone, he comes back to the office to see U-ri eating alone. When he sees her clothes were spoilt by the earlier incident, he buys her a new set. They sit down to have coffee and U-ri admits she made a fool out of herself. Sang-jin offers some words of encouragement.

Su-hyeok is shocked to see Sang-jin’s new ‘uniform’ that looks a bit like a maid’s dress but U-ri says she chose it herself. Sang-jin finds out Su-hyeok tried returning the ring and suggests he Young Radish it instead.

Young Radish, it turns out, is an app where you can buy and sell things. Bo-mi uses the same app to sell the clothes and bags that Bo-ra wanted to throw out.

Bo-ra opens her Instagram to see hundreds of messages from others. She reads sympathetic messages from other people about their own breakups and hardships.

Bo-mi sells Bo-ra’s bag to someone from the app. She then gets on a bus stop and even pays for a student who doesn’t have money. As she does, she remembers the man she met at the bar, Yang Jin-ho. She gets a message from a man on Young Radish.

Meanwhile, a couple comes to take a look at Bo-ra’s house. She then goes to the real estate agent who gives her a reality check on the prices of new houses. Her own house was on rent because she expected to get married. The agent shows her new houses and Bo-ra likes the last one. The agent says someone else is considering the house too.

Bo-mi gets messages from the man on Young Radish. Then she gets a text from Bo-ra, saying her online bank transfer for the deposit of the new house isn’t working. Bo-mi agrees to pay instead, which totals out to 40 million won.

Yu-jeong gets a message from Bo-ra as well. She calls her and they meet at Jin-woo’s bar. Bo-ra opens up about how she doesn’t have a lot of money saved after helping her parents with their house, paying off event cancellations and things. Yu-jeong then receives messages from Bo-ra on her phone and the two realise that someone is impersonating her and using it for messenger phishing.

Bo-ra comes home and realises that Bo-mi got scammed out of 40 million won. Su-hyeok also calls, realising he gave 5 million won to a conman.

The sisters go to the police station where they realise the stolen money would have already been withdrawn and they can’t get it back. When another policeman comes in and berates Bo-mi for being gullible, Bo-ra stands up for her. Su-hyeok comes in to register his own complaint.

Outside, Bo-ra asks Su-hyeok why he didn’t suspect something was wrong. She wouldn’t ask him for money. He says he’s seen her do far worse and asking for money didn’t seem like a stretch. When she reminds him she told him to just pass her by no matter what trouble she’s in, he gets angry and drives off.

Back home, Bo-ra tries to make Bo-mi feel better. Bo-mi gives her the cash she collected by selling her things and shows off the app. Bo-ra assures her she has more than enough money for them to move to a new house. But in reality, she doesn’t and confesses the same to Yu-jeong on the phone. While scrolling through her emails, she comes across the contract with Jinlee Publishing.

Su-hyeok gets messages from Sang-jin, asking him to send him money. This time, he tries calling but Sang-jin messages that he can’t talk right now. Su-hyeok smirks and sends the scammer a piece of his mind. As it turns out, Sang-jin’s messages were real and he doesn’t appreciate reading Su-hyeok’s rude responses.

Later on, Su-hyeok admits to Sang-jin that he got scammed. Bo-ra drums up what courage she has and goes up to Jinlee Publishing. She goes to Sang-jin’s office and tells him and Su-hyeok that she wants to do the book.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 comes back with more of the show’s, and Bo-ra’s, original charm. It takes us out of the sombre breakup period and solidly into the healing phase and while this could have occurred an episode earlier, all faults are forgiven.

Not only do we see Bo-ra get her spark back but we see her consciously decide to lift herself back up. Her transition has been executed well. And so is the need for her to go back to Jinlee Publishing, therefore working with Su-hyeok. Speaking of, I think this is a good time for us to delve deeper into Su-hyeok’s story.

As much as the ring escapade was amusing, Su-hyeok can’t be dealing with his own breakup that calmly. Can he? Overall, a good enjoyable episode!

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  1. Agree with your assessment. This show is watchable, but the writers spent far too long on the breakup episodes (1 would have been sufficient). I think my final opinion on this show will be that 12 episodes would have been better with a sharper edit on episodes 3-6. I mean, how many episodes of drunken crying do we need to watch? Actors are doing great. The writing is the issue.

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