Trese – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Trese episode 4 starts with more glimmers of the past, as we see a young Anton and Alexandra squaring off against Talagbusao, the summoned God of War from the blood ritual last episode. Unfortunately Anton is stabbed in the stomach for his efforts, but Alexandra manages to save the day and banish the creature whence it came.

Back in the present, Guererro arrives at the station as he catches wind of a massacre. Even worse, 50 bodies are missing from the morgue. With the Underworld stirring and the gloves coming off, Trese prepares for the fight ahead. With no Anton, Trese decides against calling the War Council in.

Hank arrives to see Nuno, who confirms that something is stirring and all the underworld tribes seem to be stocking up with muscle and magic. Even worse, there are bodies missing from the train – and they’re heading straight for the precinct. Yep, it’s a zombie invasion!

In order to quell the threat, Alexandra heads out with her boys, using magic to find a stone to help turn the tide of battle. Using Santelmo the burning head to help, he manages to save Captain Guerrero from certain doom.

That stone from before happens to be in a prisoner called Raul’s stomach, which he coughs up and throws on the ground. In doing so, Trese brandishes her pistols and shoots them into oblivion. This, in turn, allows the zombies to fade from view and allow the day to be saved.

As the episode comes to a close, a suicide bomber arrives inside the bar where Amang and Hank happen to be drinking together. The explosion trembles the town.

The Episode Review

Trese returns with a more straightforward episode this time around, despite more flashbacks involving the past. It seems like this warrior demon could well be the growing threat that’s returning, especially with the emphasis placed on this timeline.

Meanwhile, the zombie invasion is ended with the three stones being brought together – and a good dollop of deus ex machina for good measure. While it’s not a deal breaker, everything is resolved in a rather formulaic and tidy way which betrays the imaginative ideas this anime does so well to breed.

Still, the ending certainly hints that we’ve got more drama to come, and the final two episodes look set to bring everything back to the final conflict.

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