Trese – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Feral Goblin

Episode 3 of Trese begins in the past, with more details surrounding Ramona and her tribe. The commanding officer of the skeleton crew is fed the hearts of his men and tortured.

The blood ritual looks set to commence, prompting Anton to call in the War Council to help. Only, it’s no good. Ramona manages to bring back her husband. Only, he’s not what she suspected and he turns into the God of War, brandishing a knife and looking set to kill the kids.

We then jump back to the present as a grizzly murder in a parking lot brings Trese and the boys to investigate. The victim’s name is Dr Petra and she’s actually a dermatologist who runs a whole series of successful clinics in various malls. The attacker has left tracks too, leading to the sewers.

Trese calls on the talents of a ghost called Jobert who confirms that Dr Petra was on the phone to a famous actress called Nova Aurora. They’re childhood friends, as it turns out, with Petra actually the President of her fan-club.

In order to find out more, Trese arrives to see Amang Paso, Elder of the tribe of the Red Earth. Aurora is there too, sobbing, and she claims to have seen red eyes inside the building which has spooked her. It turns out this creature is a feral goblin, and it’s calling out for Aurora.

Dropping to her knees, Aurora waits for the creature to come near when they go on the hunt later in the episode. As it lets its guard down, Aurora brandishes a knife and stabs the creature repeatedly, soaking herself in blood.

With Nova safe, Amang thanks Trese but she’s not happy. Given this goblin was only acting on the instincts of its host, Nova is the real monster and Trese tells Amang not to cross her again. In return, it too promises that a tempest is brewing and within her ranks a traitor…but who could it be?

As the episode closes out, Aurora lies in bed but bolts upright when a whole host of feral goblins appear and murder the girl.

The Episode Review

Trese returns with another compelling case, this time switching things up as it turns out Nova Aurora is the real villain. It’s a nice way to subvert expectations and the show does a good job adding more lore in this third episode. This time the attention turns to these feral goblins and the underworld mushroom clan led by Amang Paso.

This series has been brimming with imaginative creatures thus far and hats off to the writers for this, they’ve done a great job capturing that across this season so far.

As we cross the halfway point of Trese, it’s now clear that a storm is brewing but quite who is responsible and in what form it’ll manifest remains to be seen.

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