Top 10 Thai BLs you should definitely check out

Over the past few years, Thai Boy Love (BLs) have been gaining popularity both locally and internationally and the demand for more only seems to amplify. Boy love genre depicts a romantic relationship between two male characters and tells of their sexuality journey.

In recent times, Thai Bls have moved away from the typical cute college love stories and started real issues that the LGBTQ + community faces in Thailand. Here are some of the must-see BLs you need to watch before claiming your crown as a BL fan.


This is one of the most addicting BLs we have ever watched. KinnPorsche is based on the story of Porsche who has no choice but to get into the mafia underworld and become Kinn’s (mafia leader) bodyguard.

In this world, Porsche and Kinn begin falling for each other but not even love goes smoothly in the mafia world. The casting director of this show did a great job because the actors brought the story to life in a way that only they could.

The storyline and the flow are tight and you will soon find yourself obsessed with this amazing show.

Not Me

This show is headlined by one of the most successful Thai Bls on-screen couples commonly known as OffGun. Critics say it is their best work yet and fans can’t help but agree. Not me is based on Black who assumes his twin brother’s identity to find out who is trying to kill him. He soon realizes that his twin brother is wrapped up in a motorcycle gang.

While disguised as his twin, he meets Sean who is suspicious of him because of the difference in his demeanor. This show discussed serious issues such as corrupt leaders and activism for LGBTQ+ rights in Thailand.

bad buddy

Bad Buddy 

Fans were thrilled by the team-up of actors Ohm and Nanon who are real-life friends for this show. Bad Buddy is a typical romantic enemies-turned-lovers story but the natural chemistry between the two male leads elevated its success.

Pat and Pran are neighbors who have grown up hating and fighting with each other as a result of their parent’s rivalry. However, things take a turn as they start getting closer to each other away from home. Will their love be deep enough to heal decades of animosity between their families? 


This romantic comedy focuses on the story of Lian and Kuea whose parents set them up in an arranged marriage when they were children. One of them wishes to cancel the arrangement so the other tries to win him over.

Even though the show has a simple plot line it is enticing and exciting to see the characters slowly open up to each other and fall in love.


This is one of the most beloved BLs and fans can’t seem to get enough of the MewGulf couple. Type is a freshman in college who is dealing with trauma after being molested by a male worker in his childhood. It is for this reason that he hates gay men.

Tharn is a music major and Type’s roommate. They were getting along amicably until Type learned that Tharn is gay. He becomes determined to make Tharn leave the dorm, as he refuses to live with a gay person. Tharn is also determined not to have Type have his way and the tension between them explodes into a romantic and passionate relationship.

Theory of Love 

Third has been having unrequited feelings for his best friend and roommate Khai. Khai is oblivious to Third’s feelings and continuously hurts him unintentionally.

After three years of waiting for Khai, Third decides to give up and stop having feelings for him no matter how hard the process will be. His plans are however brought to a halting stop after Khai realizes his feelings for him. He starts pursuing him earnestly and apologizes for the pain he caused Third. 

Manner of Death 

This show is considered one of the best BL suspense and thriller in Thailand. It follows the story of Dr.Bunnakit a medical examiner who finds himself in danger after ruling out suicide in a case.

He is forced to go head to head with powerful people to reveal the truth and get justice for the victim. In his investigations, he meets Tan who is a suspect but Tan asks him to work together to find the real culprit. 

2gether The Series

How do you get rid of an unwanted admirer? According to this show, you get a popular hot guy to pretend to be your boyfriend. In the end, the two leads in a fake relationship end up falling head over heels for each other.

How long can they keep their pretence and who will be the first to admit that they are falling? You will have to watch the show to find out.

Until We Meet Again

The first episode will break your heart and give you some food for thought but don’t worry there is hope in the end. Thirty years ago, Korn and Intouch tragically ended their love story but fate chose to give their hearts another chance years later through Pharm and Dean.

The two meet at T- university and the red thread of fate that had tied them together in their past life once again pull the two boys back to each other.

A Tale Of Thousand Stars 

If life gave you a second chance, what would you do? Tian receives a second chance after Torfun dies in a tragic accident. The close brush with death forces him to re-evaluate his life and make dramatic changes to transform his lifestyle.

His journey of self-discovery leads him to Phupha, a Chief forest officer. Phupha also happens to be the man Torfun loved and Tian finds himself attracted to him as well. Watch the show to see how love blossoms between the two.

And there we have it, our picks for the best Thai dramas to check out right now. We’ll periodically update this page over time if any more entries crop up!

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any that you’ve really taken a fancy to? Do feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I hate Tharn Type because of how stubborn and angry Type is😂 it’s definitely not my type😌. I don’t know how people love this kind of stressful relationship.

    My favorite are definitely 2Gether(my first series) and Bad Buddy. Haven’t watched all from the list tho.

    UWMA is ok.. keeps me watching. Had to drop Manner of Death😕.

  2. Not so sure about 2gether, but otherwise love this – I suspect we have a similar queue 😉

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