To My Star Season 1 Review – A Beautiful BL K-drama from start to finish

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The 2021 BL drama, ‘To My Star’ is a 10-episode K-drama that revolves around the life of an actor, Kang Seo-joon, who has gone into hiding due to a scandal he was involved in.

The show is a typical BL Korean drama with a total of 10 episodes, each with a runtime of 12 minutes. Interestingly, the entire first season of the show was released as a movie in the same year. 

The show ‘To My Star’ is based on the life of Actor Kang Seo-joon, who was once one of South Korea’s biggest and most popular stars, but his career is now in decline. Despite the fall in his popularity, he believes he has had a change of fortune when he meets a dashing young chef named Han Ji-woo. 

Fate brings the two together and they end up becoming roommates. With vividly distinctive personalities, the two initially clash but with time, a hard-hearted Ji-woo turns softer towards Seo-joon. The two eventually start dating but all is not Smoot-sailing.

The two get accustomed to living with – and around – each other and Seo-joon starts part-timing as a waiter at Ji-woo’s restaurant, one that he owns with his friend. Taking advantage of Seo-joon’s popularity, Ji-woo’s friend tries to manipulate the actor for money which puts Ji-woo in a predicament. 

Ji-woo is debating between letting Seo-joon go, the man he has come to love and care dearly about, or losing his restaurant, his job – something he is very passionate about. Solving his issue, Seo-joon offers a solution and saves the day as the actor comes to save the day as a knight in shining armour.

‘To My Star’ is directed by Hwang Da-seul who is credited to many Korean BL series. Just like Hwang Da-seul’s other BL dramas, the story of ‘To My Star’ follows the journey of a unique couple, which she is able to narrate using the space of this 10-episode show.

The writing is crisp but due to the lack of screen time, the story always somehow feels incomplete.

This is a little rough around the edges, with the camerawork seeming off at times but the makers striving to work around the plot and somehow execute a well ended show with a successful hero that saves the day. 

Just like many other BL dramas, ‘To My Star’ does not have big names attached to its cast but the show meets the objective of showing a famous actor in with Son Woo-hyun playing Kang Seo-joon.

The actor was seen in many guest or support roles in the past but the show marks his first appearance in the lead role. The other main lead on the show, Han Ji-woo played by Kim Kang-min who shot to fame with his appearance in the K-drama, ‘School 2021’. Aside from the main cast, the show has a limited cast of less than 10 actors. 

‘To My Star’ features four singles that are part of its OST. The single, ‘I’ll Be There’ from singer Johnny is an all-English song that talks about the journey of the show and the romance between the two main leads.

The single also has a Korean version sung by the Korean boyband Newkidd. The boy band also sang a third single from the show’s OST titled, ‘Left Hand’.

The fourth and the final single on the show’s original soundtrack is titled ‘To My Star’ which is composed and sung by Son Woo-hyun, the main lead of the show.

The OST fit well into the scenes on the show and form a perfect balance with the dialogues as they encompass the different phases in the lives of the main leads.

Just like many other Korean BL dramas of recent time, ‘To My Star’ is a very simple and meaningful story. The series resents a narrative that it is okay for actors to love whoever they love.

The show also shows other issues like controversies that surround the life of an actor and how two lonely people find love with one another after living together.

The lengths each of the two characters go to protect each other is alarming and it shows how the two characters love each other so much that they want to protect each other come what may.

The show ended on a sweet note which is why a new season in 2022 doesn’t seem to make much sense but since the show has already been released, I can’t wait to see what is in store for fans with ‘To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories’.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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