Tomorrow – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

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Episode 12 of Tomorrow starts with new recruit Sang-Su reporting to Ryung-Gu’s department. He’s out of the RM Team for now and working with sales.

When Jun-Woong receives the ping through regarding Yu-Hwa’s suicide, he deliberates over whether to tell Ryung-Gu or not.

The woman’s level is going up and down too, influenced by the sporadic mood swings she’s feeling after losing her baby. She’s been working part-time and unfortunately customers asking about her baby only make the situation worse.

It’s a horrific ordeal and perhaps unsurprising to find her mood deteriorating the way it has been. It’s heartbreaking to watch, as Yu-Hwa blames herself for killing their “honeybee.”

The King of Heaven is even in the department store too, and she sends out a whole bunch of clothes to an orphanage She does it anonymously and tasks Jun-Woong with delivering it.

Jun-Woong and Ryeon do what they can to try and work out how to steady Yu-Hwa’s fluctuating levels. Part of this comes from Yu-hwa’s dreams, which are the reason why the levels are reducing. She’s dreaming of looking after her child.

Ryeon intends to figure this out and jumps into her dream. There, Ryeon finds her caring for Honeybee and feeding her a bottle. Ryeon tries to talk her around, urging her to see sense given this is just a dream. Jun-Woong is unsure what else to do so he rings Ryung-Gu and asks him for help.

Without a moment’s notice, he bursts into the afterlife and into Yu-hwa’s dream too. The Reapers both argue over the best way of handling this, but as they mention it being a dream, Yu-Hwa overhears and is shocked by this revelation.

Ryung-Gu talks her around and gives an impassioned speech about love and what she had with her Honeybee. Using his own knowledge of her as a mother, Ryung-Gu reminds her that Honeybee will grow up in the afterlife and know just how much she loved her.

He admits he’ll never understand the love parents can have for their children but urges her to live.

While Yu-Hwa is stabilizing, another completely inappropriate joke is thrown at us in the form of Jun-Woong. He rushes to the hospital and tries to throw his arms around Ryung-Gu but he’s stopped.

Anyway, as Yu-Hwa starts to heal with her partner, Ryung-Gu appears on the beach and snaps his fingers, allowing all of Yu-Hwa’s old memories to come flooding back.

When this happens, Ryung-Gu tells her exactly what he’s wanted to say all these years, apologizing for what happened between them in the past.

As they both hug it out, Ryung-Gu ties the “threads of fate” for her so she can see her child again in the next life. He admits that her memories will disappear very soon but for now, he’s thankful for the chance to speak his piece to her.

Off the back of this – and saving the grieving mother – the King of Heaven admits that they’ll need to keep an eye on Yu-Hwa, given it could take many regenerations before she’s better and the pain stops.

The thing is, Joong-Gil overhears this and questions his own memories. He tries to access the archives of his own memories but he’s unable to do so, given it’s locked. Only the Director can open it.

During the epilogue we see a really heart-wrenching moment in the afterlife where Honeybee is a bit more grown up and checks the message on the beach her mother and father have left her.

The Episode Review

Tomorrow continues to tease the past issues involving Joong-Gil and Ryeon which I’m sure we’ll find out more about over the remaining few episodes.

This chapter ultimately plays out as the second half of Ryung-Gu’s story. Specifically, we see the drama involving her mother who’s suicidal after losing her child.

There’s a good deal of emotional anguish between the characters here, although that bizarre inclusion of Jun-Woong’s joke at the hospital almost feels like it ruins the mood.

Despite that, Tomorrow delivers a really solid episode all the same, leaving the door wide open for next week’s follow-up.

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  1. Hey Annie,

    That’s a good point actually, that might be what he did there. It wasn’t initially clear what these red strings represent but if I’d wager a guess, I’d say you’re probably right and it does represent him allowing his mother to remember their bond and ties together.

    Thanks for reading this recap, really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

    -Greg W.

  2. Hey Greg, This episode had deep resonance with me for personal reasons. Wondering if you noticed a particular detail and your thoughts on it. Ryung-Gu shows his mother her past life, so she can remember him and they can have those moments on the beach. When people commit suicide, we are told throughout the series, that this severs the ties of fate with those they were connected with in life; so they won’t remember them. Ryung-Gu says even the moment they are presently having will quickly fade from her memory. As he ties a red string on her wrist, he resassures her that her ties to Honeybee will remain and not be forgotten. HOWEVER at the same time he ties a red string around his own wrist. Do you think this act possibly restored the red string of fate which were cut from Ryung-Gu by her suicide, and that she will retain some memory of him?

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